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  1. I have had one person show interest, but have not heard from him in a week. He seemed to find it hard to believe this is the last one. I don't know why with all this paper work that comes with the car. I have lowered the price to $7000, at least until my daughter fixes some of the issues... Someone unplugged the ABS so the light is on. I looked but cannot find/see the issue.
  2. I posted google it because I posted the zip code when I listed the price. Your questions were snarky to me... In my opinion.
  3. As my signature states 1995, I don't remember was made Feb. or March. Top was put on earlier this year. The top was New complete with heated window glass. I say New because the first top we had put on when we first got this car was OLD. That NOS was more than $1100 5 years ago. There were mechanical issues that took time to fix. This is my daughters auto, she handled the repair so I don't know details. The $3500 might include the timing belt. I am unable to help her with keeping this car up and running so she has decided to sell. I gave the zip Google it.
  4. I know what was paid for this car and what has been asked for regular rides, I am going to start at $8000. Included in price is $3500 spent on the new top(+mechanical work). Located in Mebane NC 27302.
  5. Get yourself a piece of history. This Cutlass supreme has a new top, new timing belt, 87500 miles. Runs great, top functions as it should, have the boot cover. Have lots of documentation with it. Only a few small problems. Drivers seat has some wear. Spoiler paint has a bubble, and a few chips, what you would expect in a car that's been driven. The control box needs to be rebuilt, the remote locks don't work. I don't have current pictures will take them when I have a few minutes. Really don't know how to price this, because this is one of a kind. I know what was paid for this car and what has been asked for regular rides, I am going to start at $8000. Included in price is $3500 spent on the new top(+mechanical work). Located in Mebane NC 27302. The signatures are under the backseat. For those of you that don't know, the last model of a production run usually get signed by the workers. Also included are the imperfections, I must say the car is dirty.
  6. That price sounds OK .You don't buy these autos to profit from, but with so few made/still around a 'parts' car could be helpful. I wonder what the value of the 'Last One' might be..? Just got a new top and less than 90k on the clock.
  7. If I remember right I removed the ash tray put a prybar on motor and tapped. It does not take much.
  8. Thank you for the discussion. This vehicle is the last convertible made 1995. It was driven sparingly until my daughter purchased it, she put 50,000 miles on it. It is now resting again because of the work it needs. My mechanic says the seals front and back, and oil pan need to be done. The water pump has been changed the valve seals, and valve covers have been done, timing belt too. The engine compartment is so tight I don't know how he did that. He is not willing to pull motor to do seals. My problem is when I drive it there is very little smoke. Others drive it it looks like it's on fire. Smells like steam to me but I am not sure because there's not much smoke. There is a lot of oil on the body pan. I have tried using one of those little cameras attached to your phone and have been unable to see leaks.
  9. You have an older car only 85,500 miles 3.4. Still runs great, will scream when asked... It leaks oil through the main seals and smokes (engine compartment not tail pipe). Do you put in new piston rings and bearings or just put in fresh seals?
  10. More options WOW. This failed so I will make an album... Last one Signatures, only one at a time too, so slow.
  11. I found the pictures but I need help finding the way to upload. Does this 'new' site work OK with Chrome?
  12. Could not find the pictures on my computer. Go here and see what they did to the '92 Camaro click on assy pictures.Talk about selling is moot because my daughter is not ready to sell. So I told I could not fix it anymore, she needed to start dating a mechanic!
  13. I like the look of this updated forum but, I cannot find anything anymore. I had previously posted a picture of signatures and a phone number under the back seat. If I can find them I will repost, If they are not still on here.
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