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  1. runt

    Getrag 284 & axleshaft replacement.

    No worries!
  2. runt

    Getrag 284 & axleshaft replacement.

    Moving this to Powertrain....
  3. runt

    2007 Grand Prix Airbag Issues

    Ok. That looks a bit more promising. Thanks for the starting point!
  4. runt

    2007 Grand Prix Airbag Issues

    Hey guys. Had my GP in the shop for an airbag light. I was told the sensor in the seat is bad and is making the light kick on. Dealer is telling me P/N 19258125 is required to fix it. That is the Passenger Discriminating Sensor. Found here: The Service Manager I talked to wasn't sure if I would be able to get a used one or simply find a junkyard seat and have it work. Can anyone here confirm or deny? I still have the option to call up the dealer and have him talk to the tech. My dealer is a great shop so I hate to bother them. Sadly, the GP was going to get put up for sale shortly but I think I'd like to find an easy/cheaper solution before putting it up for sale. I have a hard time dropping over $800 on parts and having to deal with removing the seat from the car and ripping everything apart. Again, does anyone know if I can drop a used on it or does it *have* to be new since it's likely programmed to the BCM of the vehicle or can I get a used one and get it programmed? I know the dealer would do that for me.
  5. Man. I remember this car from way back. Good luck with the sale.
  6. runt

    01 Monte Carlo Headlights stuck on

    Do you have the stock bulbs in it or HIDs?
  7. runt

    LED conversion

    Switchback is an LED that, in the instance of a turn signal bulb, is white when it is on and yellow when it flashes. Pretty neat stuff, really.
  8. runt

    ABS and TRAC OFF lights came on

    My experience with that issue at low speeds and other weird times has been a harness and not the hub. My '01 and my '07 did the exact same thing and I replaced both front hubs but it the end they both needed a new harness. With how cheap the harnesses are I recommend a full replacement over trying to repair it. If it's been an issue for awhile you might have to cut a big section out to get "good" wire.
  9. runt

    Old TGP owner, new member

    Can't speak for the spark plug issue but the smoke from the wheel was likely the turn signal switch.
  10. runt

    might as well start an 06 topic

    I wouldn't doubt when they flushed that it pushed something from the heater core into the radiator. I know at my dealer he said mine was plugged bad so I'm sure yours would be the same.
  11. runt

    32,000 mile 94 Regal Coupe

    Sad we only got 2 posts from the guy!
  12. runt

    Anyone replace the ABS wiring for front wheels?

    They sell pre-made replacement harnesses which I'd recommend over trying to replace an individual wire. I think I had about $60 into both sides when I did my '07.
  13. runt

    97-03 Grand Prix Daytime Running Light Switch

    When I had my '01 GP GT all I did was unplug the wiring on the drivers side of the dash and the DRL were gone. Auto lights still worked as expected. Looks like a decent mod though!
  14. runt

    Poor Heat - 2007 Grand Prix GT

    Dealer said same thing. He said this time of year more than a few grand prixs of my generation show up needing flushed. Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
  15. runt

    Poor Heat - 2007 Grand Prix GT

    It's reasons like that (the $75 charge) why I go to the dealer I do. Granted, I've never purchased a car from him but I've taken all of my Pontiacs to him and he treats me and my family very well. Granted, he did go to school with my dad and dad has purchased some trucks from him so that helps! haha.