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  1. i just ordered 4 for my gtp. my Michelins have rotted out and are no longer safe lol
  2. as someone that is on his third cutlass transmission, its not lol
  3. i can tell you it is nuts to DD a 28 year old oldsmobile, in 1990 you didnt do that. Its more a testament to the power train and such, also the owners. However I doubt you can get a much faster car for 4k than a camm'd GTP with 3.29 gears
  4. its funny i have been trying for two years to sell it
  5. I'll gladly put an international badge on the gtp for you
  6. so for whatever reason my shipping isn't going through with the shipping site. I still have the car. I will consider any reasonable offer, I will put new tires on the car, 18s or 16s your choice, and new front shocks. you just have to want it. also comes with new in plastic GTX tan floor mats to match the interior of the car.
  7. well someone in the greater Boise area is going to get a hell of a deal lol
  8. seats? what do the seats looks like
  9. here we go, the gtp has to go. it broke the same day I found out I was going to be a dad. that was 5 years ago. since then I have replaced the trans mission with a 300m input shaft, 7/8ths chain, 3.29s and the zpack clutches. the car has an xp cam, 105 springs, double roller timing chain, 3.4 pulley, TOG ceramic coated headers, flowmaster super 44s, stainless exhaust tips, wizaired intake, front and rear strut bars, zzp progressive front seat bar, zzp chormoly trailing arms, gmpp rear sway bar, on coil overs, centerline storms, w body store 13 inch brakes,led tails, spyder black projectors with HIDs and wiring harnesses, roof rails painted to match the front spliter, ac is cold, no back fees it was non oped. it will not pass cali smog, I drove it Wednesday and it still goes very well.The supercharger has fresh oil and a new coupler. car is in 94803. I will put it on a trailer for you. I got a quote of $575 to ship from sf to boise for $575. asking 4k. the parts alone are worth more. all stock parts except tail lights come with it. new pics as of 5/16/17.
  10. I guess I'll have too, there are almost no first Gens in my local yards
  11. Do any of these cars have good seats? I'll pay for shipping. ship them via grey hound, i just need a seat lol
  12. The manual seat rails will not work on a power seat. I have tried manual seats from a lumina and they do not work, but I do believe all power bucket seats on the first gens have the same rails.
  13. Thanks, I can live with the seats being the wrong color i just need good frames and seat sliders but when i do find one i cant get it because they are power and you cant expose all 4 bolts at the same time. the junk yards here wont let you put a battery in the car because of risk of a fire.
  14. Yes my driver seat is power everything with the air bladders. controls on the seat and in the center console. passenger is manual adjustment on the seat with the center controlling the air bladders in the seat.
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