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  1. Depends on which version of the SLP spoiler you are referring to. The Gen 1 covers more of the trunk compared to the Gen 2 which does not. The gen 2 resembles the special edition/daytona spoiler. I had to slightly enlarge the holes on the trunk lid to get the holes lined up with the spoiler.
  2. Yeah good thing it's far away from me to not be a problem. Other than ash floating around.
  3. Glad you found your way here.
  4. You will like it here. As others have said it's a bit slower but still a good place. Sad to see lots of good information on GPF go away.
  5. There are quite a bit of posts on Autogeek and Autopia about lexol. Both places sell some great leather products online. I hang out over there a lot as well. Even the Lexol cleaner is weak compared to the Meguiar;s or Mothers cleaner. I posted products that can be found over the counter as that is where most people buy there products. Meguiar's, Mothers and Griot's Garage are top names to choose from for products available over the counter. Even if you don't drive it as much it is still a good idea to take care of the leather. I drive my 02 Camaro less than you and I actually took it up a notch and applied a quartz based coating for maximum protection. It requires little maintenance. As a buddy of mine says, frequent car care is easy car care .
  6. Honestly lexol is not that great. All in one products are not that great in general for one looking for heavy cleaning. They are good for maintaining until the next deep cleaning. would recommend anything from the Meguiar's line or Mothers line. You can find most items over the counter. From Meguiar;s this kit would be my top recommendation. Comes with a cleaner and sealer to protect the leather. It can sometimes be found locally. If you can't find this kit then these two products would be good alternatives If you can't find the gold class leather conditioner then the leather balm works well. It's essentially a paste wax for the interior that works well and smells very nice. Has a light cleaner built in to remove light dirt. Mothers has their Leather Wash and Leather Cream that are nice as well Griots has a couple items as well. It all comes down to what you are looking for. Separate clean and condition steps or an all in one type product. I would go with all three products. Deep clean 1-2 times a year at a minimum and maintain with an all in one in between those times.
  7. Putting up my previous set of wheels up for sale. Local pick up preferred. Location: Lawndale, CA Asking price is $425 Wheel Specs: Falken Koblenz Size: 18x8 Offset: +35 Bolt Pattern: 5x114.3mm The bolt pattern fits all wide body vehicles that use the 5x115mm bolt pattern. I ran these for 7 years with no issues. I left the old tires on them but they need to be replaced. The tread is pretty much gone. The tires are 245/45-18. One wheel has the chrome starting to bubble under it. See provided photos. The lug nut holes on the wheels have wear and tear from removing the wheels throughout the years. They are freshly polished and waxed. Ready to go to a new owner. Lug nuts and hub rings provided. Message me if interested. Included a photo of what they looked like on my 99 Grand Prix. Area that the chrome is starting to bubble
  8. Looks great. It is indeed a great product.
  9. Congrats on selling it. What is the next car you will get into?
  10. I did this about a month ago. Figured I would share it here. A few months ago I did a full correction on my brothers car. I posted that in the following thread. The sealant/wax combo lasted about 8 months. It was time to move on to the next level of protection with a coating. He was intrigued by it and decided to have that applied. I did not take to many before photos. He did a good job in maintaining it. He was not looking to have a show car finish as this is his daily driver. Here's a video of the initial pass I made with a polishing pad and some M205. A few more passes left the surface in very good shape for the next polishing step using Menzerna SF3800. [video=vimeo;146601989] 50/50 on the pillars using M205 on a 3" Lake Country Tangerine Hydrotech pad. The hood is not OEM and thus the paint is not OEM. It is on the hard side and my test spot with M205 on a Meguiar's thin yellow polishing pad was not giving me the result I wanted. I moved to a Meguiar's thin burgundy pad with some Meguiar's M100 compound. It did finish LSP (last step product) ready. I followed up with M205 on a Meguiar's polishing pad followed by a final step of Menzerna SF3800 on a Meguiar's thin black finishing pad. The remainder of the car was a 2 step with M205 and SF3800. The car was then coated with Ameriarmour which is a 2 year semi permanent glass paint coating. A couple photos as soon as I pulled it out of the garage. We ended up taking a ride to another place to take a few photos. This is the location for the old CSI Miami TV show headquarters. Wouldn't be So Cal without the palm trees. The sun was shifting and this is the last shot before we left. Products used: Wash: Foam Gun, Meguiar's D110 Hyper Wash, Iron X (As always I use this wash method Paint decon: Meguiar's D155 Last Touch, Clay Magic Fine Grade Clay bar Compound: Meguiar's M100 + Meguiar's DFC5 Thin Burgundy Cutting Pad (hood only), Meguiar's 3" Microfiber Cutting Disk + M100 for spot correction Polish: Meguiar's M205 + Meguiar's DFP5 Thin Yellow Polishing Pad, Menzerna SF3800 + Meguiar's DFF5 Thin Black Finishing pad Coating prep: CarPro eraser Coating: Ameriarmour (2 coats 1 hour apart) Wheels: Meguiar's DUB wheel cleaner, Pinnacle Black Label Diamond Coating Booster to boost Pinnacle Black Label Diamond Wheel Coating Wheel Wells: Meguiar's D160 All Season Dressing Tires: Meguiar's D143 Non-Acid Wheel & Tire Cleaner, Pinnacle Black Onyx Tire Gel (2 coats) Grilles: Meguiar's D103 All Purpose Cleaner+, Meguiar's Ultimate Black Aerosol Trim Restorer (done off the car) Exhaust tips: Pinnacle Exhaust Cleaner & Brightener Glass: Meguiar's D120, Detailer's Pro Glass Coating still going strong Trim: Mothers Back to Black Heavy Duty Trim Cleaner, Blackfire Total Trim & Tire Sealant Interior: Vacuum, Meguiar's Upholstery Cleaner, 303 Fabric Guard, Meguiar's Natural Shine, Meguiar's Leather Sealer System, Meguiar's New Car Scent Air-Refresher Tool: Meguiar's MT300 dual action polisher, Porter Cable 7424XP dual action polisher, 2" Harbor Freight Orbital
  11. I do everything by machine (aka dual action polisher).
  12. Thanks. It still looks good even after almost 20 years. Thanks. Always a good idea to at least get a sealant on the paint before winter. You can always correct the paint in the spring.
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