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  1. LuminaMan93 Decal thread!

    I'm in for two pairs of white for the next batch.
  2. LuminaMan93


    Gorgeous car man!! You can tell a lot of time and money went into building it the right way. Hopefully it finds a good home. GLWS! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. If you decide to make them for the 3.1, I'd be interested in a set.
  4. LuminaMan93

    Carpet Swap

    Were Lumina's the only ones that had slight changes in the floor pan for the 93-94 w-bodys?
  5. LuminaMan93

    Carpet Swap

    My Lumina currently has a red, cloth interior. I picked up a set of charcoal leather seats from a Cutlass to swap into the Lumina. My question is would the charcoal colored carpet from a 4 door Cutlass swap into my 4 door Lumina?
  6. LuminaMan93

    Cooling Fans- Code P0480

    The check engine light came on for the first time in the Impala last Monday. I went to autozone and had them pull the code for me. It came back P0480- malfunction in the control circuit for cooling fan 1. I checked where the wire plug into the fans but didnt see anything. I think it is a just a bad connection because the check engine light will go out then come back on the next day. The temperature is reading halfway on the gauge and runs hotter when the A/C is on. I had to turn the A/C off because it was almost in the red driving home on a hot day sitting in traffic. I was wondering if there is a fuse or another connection that I should check? FWIW its a 3800 Series II. Thanks in advance.
  7. LuminaMan93


    I just bought the NAPA wires yesterday and put them on. They had a sale where if you bought anthing over $25, spark plugs were .99 cents. The total was around $43. I had the same wires on before and had no problems with them.
  8. I pulled the rear swaybar off of a DOHC Cutlass last weekend. I'm pretty sure it had the FE3 suspension. How do I tell if it is an FE3 swaybar? And what size it is?
  9. LuminaMan93

    annyoing clicking noise

    I had the same problem on my Lumina. It made a clicking noise only when I made a right turn. Mine turned out to be the starter. As soon as I replaced it the noise went away.
  10. LuminaMan93

    Can't figure out whats wrong

    Ok, so on Wed night after work I drove the car around the block. It stalled out at the bottom of my street, then it wouldn't restart. So I waited a couple minutes and it started up and I drove it back to the house. So I disconnect the battery and start taking the serpentine belt off cause I was going to take the altenator off and work on the power steering. My friend called me and told me he had a volt meter for the altenator, so I put the belt back on tighten everything back up, and reconnect the battery. The altenator was putting out 14.4 volts, so thats not the problem. While I was doing that my dad called the mechanic back and he told us to drive it back and take him for a ride in it. So I reconnect the battery and take it over, it runs fine, doesn't stall and no rough idle. So I continue to dirve it for an hour, stopping at stops signs for awhile listening to the idle, shut it off and start it up several time and had no problems at all, so I'm like WTF? So for the last 2 days it has run perfect, except for the power steering. I don't know what happened, but I'm glad its fixed, for now:D
  11. LuminaMan93

    Can't figure out whats wrong

    I already tried that and it still leaks. So it 's leaking from somewhere else. I am never going back to him again. He has been good in the past, but this time he charged me $550 for nothing . The car still doesn't start sometimes and it is just like before I took it to him.
  12. LuminaMan93

    Can't figure out whats wrong

    Thanks for your input guys. I'm gonna fix the power steering leak and probably get a new altenator and go from there. Hopefully that will fix the problem.
  13. LuminaMan93

    Can't figure out whats wrong

    I'll check the volts when I get done work tonight, and i'll check to make sure that all the grounds and connections are good. Also, the power steering leaking, it sprayed on the underside of the hood and on the coolant overflow resivour, most of that side of the engine bay. Do you think that it could cause the serp belt to slip and damage the new altenator, causing the problem. I'm going to fix the leak this weekend.
  14. LuminaMan93

    Can't figure out whats wrong

    Nope, the SES light is not coming on, and the low volt light does not come on either. I parked the car in front of a fence and watched the headlights dim and get brighter as the engine idled low then high.
  15. LuminaMan93

    Can't figure out whats wrong

    Ok so here's the deal. I have a 93 Lumina with the 3.1 and 4t60e. I have been having a lot of problems with it lately. The car idles really rough. When I come to a stop sign, it idles high then low to the point it stalls out. When I am driving, it is sluggish. Sometimes it wont start, just a click. I took it to my mechanic and he said it was the valve body in the transmission. That only fixed the starting problem. It starts fine now, but idles like crap. He put in a new IAC, but it still idles rough. I don't know if he did the idle relearn or not. I'm going to try it after work today. He said he didn't know what else to try. I just recently replaced the,starter,altenator, and the battery. I was thinking maybe it could be the crank sensor, ICM, or coils. I am going to replace them as soon as i get the time. Any ideas?