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  1. I had not made a visit in a few years but I am sure glad to see some people here who enjoy their W-Body as much as me. I've owned my 1993 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP for 20 years now. It no longer has the 3.4 it now has a 93' 3.1. I molded the rear wheel well flares into the quarter panels due to the fact that they were starting to become deformed from the heat. Most of my car is in red epoxy primer. When I was in the process of the engine install I received some very useful information from this site. I've kept my car up with parts from e-bay such as used tail lights and new and used window switches etc. Also RockAuto Parts supplied the new ECM, coil springs and their seats plus many other parts. RockAuto have a wide variety of wiper blades at decent prices. If your in it for the long haul try to find the shop manual for your W body as they show lots of detail unlike the Haynes or Chilton books. I found my manuals around 2007 for $100.00. I would recommend to any W body owner to replace their rear transverse leaf spring bushing. This will bring the rear of the car back up to the proper level cost around $20.00 for the pair and can be installed in less then 1 hour. Thanks
  2. Hey 55Trucker, I see you're still at it. Helping people with their auto troubles as you helped me back around 2015 when I had the 3.4 taken from my 93' GTP and a 93' 3.1 installed. I would like to say thanks for all of that important information that you supplied. I still have my GTP and that 3.1 I found at some yard on the internet claiming to be 19,622 miles turned out to be a very good buy. I had to change the valve cover gasket a few months ago and by the looks of the valve train it seems to be accurate millage. I've owned my 93' for 20 years. Can anyone match or better that? I am happy to see this site and you still exist. Thanks









  3. Thanks for your e-mail but I have everything I need for now, but I will keep you in mind for the future. This is the first time on this site in along time.
  4. WTB:I need a Throttle Cable for my 93 Grand Prix with a 3.1. Thanks
  5. I bought a 93, 3.1 long block with 19,633 k from a Lumina for my 93 GTP and now I need the remaining parts such as module, etc. So if you have a bad 3.1 or know of some one please contact me. I would like to find one source with all the parts. thanks
  6. The cylinder is damaged, but thanks for the information. That's not far from my house.
  7. Thanks, too much difference in the years. What is the LQ1 any way.
  8. What would it take to put a 3.1 in this car 93 GP? I know it doesn't have the performance as the 3.4 but that's ok for now and if I can 't find a GP with a 3.1 but if I found a Lumina of the same year would that work? I need to know about the wiring difference etc. I found a 3.4 with 93,000. from automotive engine sales on the internet comes with a car report similar to a car fax not sure if I can trust this company. I can't find them on the Better Business Bureau information data bank. I' am thinking if I can find a 3.1 in a donor car of the same year and if I know what wiring differences there is going to be I would maybe go that route. I thank you for your time. You sound like the person who can help me with this.
  9. With regards to the 3400 what year and model would I look for and what wiring issues would I have? Doe's the portion of the wiring harness plug into the fire wall determining that type of engine? So in other words if I used a 3.1 I would need only the portion the plugs in to the fire wall and extend out to the engine? In my engine bay I can't see that much of the fire wall to determine what's what. I have a mechanic who would be doing the install at $55.00 an hour so I need to keep this in mind. Thanks for all of your help.
  10. I wish, but no I had it installed in 2007 and I think it was a 3 years or 30,000 miles.
  11. I have been looking for a 3.4 and have found only one that I would try. It has 92,000 and I' am thinking that it is going to have that oil leak from the o ring. This engine is located by a company on the internet for 1,000. Any thoughts as to if it will leak oil? Thanks
  12. Please give details on this swap with the 3800. Thanks
  13. My 3.4 went bad with only 29,000.Droped a valve seat and destroyed the engine. The engine is a Jasper reman that I had installed 7 years ago and I was considering the 3.1 because it's easier to work on. But please tell me about the 3400 and how do you know this, also what would I pull this engine from, year and model? Tell what chip I would need and down pipe mods. Thanks
  14. I want to change my 3.4 to a 3.1 in my 1993 Grand Prix GTP. Does any body know what I need to do this? My 3.4's valve seat dropped with only 29,000 on it and did a lot of damage. It was installed seven years ago and is a Jasper remanufactured engine. So I' am looking to have a 3.1 installed, something a little easier to work on. I need some advice on the matter so if you can help I would appreciate. Thanks
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