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  1. Cutlass Convertibles. With the 3100 you can use either a 3.1 or 3.4 bar, but IMHO, the 3.4 bars look better.
  2. digitaloutsider

    Knock sensor location

    They are correct. That's where it is. I imagine it's a huge bitch to get to with the auto trans in the way.
  3. digitaloutsider Southern meetup 2019

    Looks like about the same drive for you as it is for me. 9 hours, 50 minutes.
  4. digitaloutsider 2019 Calendar Submissions

    Hope Chris enjoys his calendar since I left it at his house lol
  5. digitaloutsider Southern meetup 2019

    Is it really that long? It's only like 12 hours from Pittsburgh to ATL.
  6. digitaloutsider Southern meetup 2019

    It's right under 10 hours for me. Count me in, I'd make the trek out to Nashville. Just wouldn't be in the Regal.
  7. digitaloutsider

    Fun with Emblems

    I tend to take badges off rather than put them on, but when I had that '89 5-speed Cutlass I was going to 3400 swap, I was going to do that same V6 H.O. badge. FWIW, those badges were on '99 GA GTs only. The 2000+ has "V6 RAM AIR" or something like that.
  8. digitaloutsider

    Oil change intervals, what do you guys suggest?

    My only fear with that (and I can't remember if I brought this up in the last thread or not) would be elevated levels of acid, since oil certainly collects it over time. I'd be interested if there is elevated bearing wear because of it.
  9. digitaloutsider

    Oil change intervals, what do you guys suggest?

    Yeah this is literally the last thread we had repeated lol. For the Regal, I change the oil whenever the OLM tells me to or when I decide "huh.. it's probably been a really long time since I did that". On average, that's anywhere between 6-8k miles, but the car does a lot of short drives and when it does get driven, it is driven a lot harder than most 3800s are. The Corvette is changed in accordance with the OLM. I use the cheapest Dexos certified synthetic oil I can find and Fram Ultra Synthetic filters exclusively. If I'm feeling particularly sporty, I will add Lubrimoly MOS2. I have had oil analyses done on both cars which came back with flying colors, so I guess I'm doing something right. pitzel, have you sent an analysis out on that oil? I'd be really curious to see what they come back with.
  10. digitaloutsider

    New Owner - Regal GS

  11. digitaloutsider

    1994 DOHC 6 Racing and then sputtering

    I've personally never heard it, or seen it documented in GM literature that way, but anything is possible. The only thing I ever saw GM refer to it as was Twin Dual Cam, 24 Valve V6, or DOHC. The Fiero DOHC prototype simply had "DOHC 24 VALVE" stamped on the fuel injector cover. Man it's a shame they never built that car.
  12. digitaloutsider

    1994 DOHC 6 Racing and then sputtering

    Check the IAC and look for any vacuum leaks.
  13. digitaloutsider 2019 Calendar Submissions

    Okay, that worked. I had to save it as my own project or else it wouldn't work. Thanks! Coupon code worked too.
  14. digitaloutsider 2019 Calendar Submissions

    I can't seem to order it at all. The website won't add it to the cart. Argh.
  15. digitaloutsider

    Weird electronic event

    Strange the Aztek doesn't have it, our '99 Montana had it and there is so much shared between the U-van and Aztek.