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  1. digitaloutsider

    Weird electronic event

    Strange the Aztek doesn't have it, our '99 Montana had it and there is so much shared between the U-van and Aztek.
  2. digitaloutsider

    Weird electronic event

    "Touring Car ride and Handling"
  3. digitaloutsider

    Weird electronic event

    My '97 GP and '98 Regal definitely had it. '01 Regal I assume does, but I've never left it on. I was referring to the chime through the radio.
  4. digitaloutsider

    FS: 1990 Turbo STE 5 speed for parts - $800, Ann Arbor

    Rust is a motherfucker, man. Good luck with the sale.
  5. digitaloutsider

    Regal Window Trims

    I could never find a good solution to it. Back in the day, Rob Eye recommended peeling all the plastic off and repainting it, but like you, I didn't like the idea of eliminating the window sweep. Just have to keep your eye out for a set of good ones. Freeze cycles and salt DEFINITELY do them in. The ones on my '01 are perfect except for one small nick in the hard plastic on my driver's window, and I think I did that with an ice scraper by accident. The car never saw salt or winter driving, so I'm guessing that's what keeps them in nice shape.
  6. digitaloutsider

    ATF smell.....Valvoline MaxLife????

    For what it's worth, new MaxLife definitely has a strong odor when it's fresh. When we put the TEP trans in the Regal, I did the initial fill with the Dex6 compliant MaxLife and it had a STRONG odor of transmission fluid for the first thousand miles. I was convinced I had a leak, but I could never find one. Eventually it went away altogether.
  7. digitaloutsider

    Weird electronic event

    It seems to be a hit or miss feature. None of my 1G Grand Prixs ever had it. I think they all probably got it with the late 1G dash redesign. Only certain 2Gs do this, and as far as I know only the Chevys. The Pontiacs and Buicks definitely do not. Edit for clarification: the bong through the radio, not the turn signal chime. All 2Gs have the chime AFAIK.
  8. digitaloutsider

    Putting in 125-way '89 power seats in a '96 GP?

    Between the two seats to provide air to the passenger side. There is only one air pump, and it is under the driver's seat.
  9. digitaloutsider

    Putting in 125-way '89 power seats in a '96 GP?

    You just need all of the wiring, air tube, and controls. I doubt they even changed the power plug.
  10. What temperature is it actually hitting? The fan turn-on temps are pretty high in the factory calibration, and the gauges are only vague indications of what is actually occurring.
  11. digitaloutsider

    2006 grand prix gt timing cover coolant leak.

    I saw it recommended when I did mine, but I didn't feel comfortable jamming it full of Vaseline. We dumped assembly lube into it and shoved it back together.
  12. digitaloutsider

    Fuel pump resistor/relay question

    Did I tell you that? If I did, I must have been on something that day.
  13. digitaloutsider

    Good replacement pillar door handles?

    They're pretty much all kinda crap now, there are no "great" replacements anymore.
  14. digitaloutsider

    Fuel pump resistor/relay question

    The relay isn't the failure point, the resistor is. You can either get a new resistor, or just bypass it altogether (like it is now) and run it in high speed mode all the time. Re-wire kits like the Racetronix and Casper's just have a jumper and run it full speed 24/7.
  15. digitaloutsider

    Fuel Pump Replacement, what is the best brand that will last longer?

    Honestly, I'd just pick one. Bosch is the OEM for most Mopar stuff, and Delphi makes most of the GM stuff. I don't really think one of these is going to be much better than the other. If we're going off pure anecdotal evidence, the Bosch in my Jeep was still churning away at 230,000 when I sold it, and the Delphi one in my first Regal just shit the bed a couple of years ago at something like 280k.