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  1. digitaloutsider 2019 Calendar Submissions

    How many submissions do you have so far?
  2. digitaloutsider

    OBD-1- 33 Code: Map Sensor or Higher Circuit

    Sounds like what my Cutlass did years ago when the MAP failed.
  3. digitaloutsider

    Doubling Down on W-bodies

    This really isn't true. But welcome back! I love the red 'verts.
  4. digitaloutsider 2019 Calendar Submissions

    Submitted this one.
  5. digitaloutsider

    I own a 90 TGP....again

    Welcome! Hydroboost as in from a GM truck hydroboost..? That's interesting..
  6. Agreed, get the manuals and learn how to wrench yourself. It's a good car to cut your teeth on. There really aren't many gotchas in a 2.8/3.1 1G.
  7. digitaloutsider


    Nice Cutlass! Welcome!
  8. digitaloutsider

    New Olds convertible member

  9. digitaloutsider

    Radio volume control not holding volume

    1G Luminas didn't get SWRC. It sounds like the amplifier in the radio itself is bad. I had the same thing happen in an old Delco CD deck I had.
  10. digitaloutsider

    How low is too low (tranny fluid)

    That is exactly what it is. And I'd run far, far, far away from any transmission shop that told me new fluid kills transmissions.
  11. digitaloutsider

    How low is too low (tranny fluid)

    The only time a transmission fluid and filter change MIGHT accelerate a failure is if the transmission is already fucked, and the clutches have gotten so damaged that the fluid is full of friction material. The transmission in that case is already on it's way out. A fluid and filter change will never harm a properly functioning transmission. All lubricants have a maximum service life, and filters get clogged with garbage. There's no reason not to change it. It's also an opportunity to clean the magnet in the pan off, especially with the 4T65E and how quickly it gets full of gunk. The only thing that is not recommended, including by manufacturers, is using a solvent-based flush. It tends to be done incorrectly, leaving lots of it behind. A flush using normal fluid being pumped by the transmission itself should cause no ill effects. If we're going off anecdotal evidence, which is weak at best, I've changed the fluid and filter on plenty of 200K+ mile transmissions and I have never seen a failure. Including changing the FACTORY filter from my 200K mile 1998 ZJ. The key is that none of those transmissions were defective in the first place (well, beyond being 4T65Es which is a defect in and of itself).
  12. digitaloutsider

    How low is too low (tranny fluid)

    That is a complete myth. If the trans fluid is old, you should change it, and the filter.
  13. digitaloutsider

    How low is too low (tranny fluid)

    If it's barely showing up on the dipstick when off, I wouldn't drive it man..
  14. digitaloutsider

    2006 grand prix gt overheating

    I agree, used OEM coolers are a good plan. No matter what you do, be sure you go with a stacked plate cooler, not some cheapo fin and tube POS. I went with the Hayden 678 on mine because it was shitty out and I didn't feel like going to the junkyard. No matter which route you go, don't bypass the factory cooler, use it in line.
  15. digitaloutsider

    Recent Lumina owner, long time lurker

    I guess that would depend on how wild you want to go with the car. If you want it to mostly remain stock, you could very well get away with keeping the 4T60E, but then you're limiting yourself to PCM options that can control it. IMHO, I'd grab the wiring harness and PCM from a 98-01 3800 Lumina and go that route. Then add your own 4T65E and 3800. Or just pull the entire powertrain from one of those cars and top swap it later.