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  1. I don't know if you'e one ahead and done this, but it's very easy. Remove the driver's side kneeboard, two 7mm bolts hold the radio bezel up against the dashboard. Look up from the bottom and you'll see them. Open the glovebox door and swing it down (wiggle the glovebox door support arms and it will come loose) and there are two 7mms up there too. I don't remember it being clipped in at all.
  2. A 3.1 MPFI really shouldn't have headgasket issues, but I've, on rare occasions, seen intake manifold gasket failures. Nothing compared to the 3x00s though. It's dog shit slow. Transmission is generally fine. Don't buy one from the North because it's probably a rustbucket. Not particularly safe, but none of the W cars are. Other than that, they're fine.
  3. Once the clear starts failing, there's not much else you can do.
  4. The OBD-II calibrations have a table to control this, I assume the old ones do too. However, I'd like to think there's a compelling reason why every calibration I've seen from every car manufacturer disables the compressor at WOT. It should NOT be blowing your compressor fuse. You have something else wrong there. The air also shouldn't smell musty or weird, you probably have some buildup on the evaporator core.
  5. I'm late, but welcome back!
  6. Wow a lot about the HVAC system changed on the later W cars. Those actuators are much different from the earlier ones. Aside from some electrical fault, there aren't many other things that can cause this failure aside from a bad blend door actuator.
  7. Well considering there was no 88-89 Lumina, that isn't shocking
  8. Yeah, they used it until at least '93. Most have failed over the years and have been tossed in the trash. The later W car radiator caps (PN 10409635) fit the old stuff, and while they're uglier, they tend to hold up better.
  9. With the right swivels and extensions (particularly wobbly extensions) you can get in there without doing it.
  10. That's a trick for the LQ1, I don't see why it would ever be required on a 2.8/3.1. You don't have to cut it either, just bend it slightly out of the way and then bend it back.
  11. That's exactly how I used to do it on 3.1s.
  12. Hey, I moved your post to it's own thread so it might get more visibility (and to leave that old thread dead).
  13. I'll take an oval one. PM'd.
  14. You already have a thread in the For Sale section. Please don't make redundant posts in the wrong section. Please also see our Rules and Guidelines whenever you post, as part prices are required.
  15. Knockoff Walbros are a HUGE problem, especially on eBay. I recommend buying from an authorized vendor like Summit or something. I saw the same thing when I was looking for the AEM pump in my Regal. Like magnitudes cheaper from some eBay vendors.. if it seems like it's too good to be true, it probably is.
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