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  1. also about to junk mine,but i found a cleaner shell so its going to a good cause beforehand.still havent gotten around to the damned hood vents i have to install lol...dont worry ill keep the 88-96 coupes alive!
  2. hmm i used a mount to see and it looks like the newer ones angle into the tower vs just straight up/down as mine gonna have to do some more test fitting at the junkyard when its warm so i can snap pictures etc....being snowy,windy and just downright miserable i have little ambition to do such tasks.
  3. so went to the boneyard today and investigated the rear of a 1.5 and gen 2 w to see what would be needed to swap.kinda looks like there is not enough room in the strut tower to fit a 3 bolt design in,without cutting the towers off a 1.5 or 2 and welding them gonna do a little more investigating,but its looking more like im gonna have to piece together a coilover setup for the existing struts.
  4. still lookin to see if anyone has modified the rear towers of a 1st gen to allow gen 2 3 stud struts to gonna cut holes if i cannot find anyone who has done it.want to know the ride quality and noise factors of swapping.
  5. ill second this post...any part numbers for the zone for what you used?and a rear swaybar upgrade suggestion as the rearbars look like toothpicks lol.
  6. i see,well whats the best way to remove these windshields?pull off all the trim and push out?ive seen kits at harborfreight but they look like tooth floss!! edit:well i see how you do it now,whats best to use?steel wire,or theres this stuff called zipline,that any good?25 ft for about 15.00
  7. im having trouble finding the time ,and im apprehensive about trying to take the glass out (never pulled glass) dont wanna mess up the channel or anything.....any good tips for removing?and if i use filler ive heard you should fiberglass sheet over it when done to keep moisture out?
  8. may just hit a bodyshop or someone local if i can find,having trouble finding the time to pull the windshield let alone repair the rust(pulling 12/15 hour days now),anyone on here live in the minnesota area?
  9. awesome.whats a good rule of thumb for removing the fluting?they lenses are glass on these so any sandpaper/dremel advice would go along way:)
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