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  1. 100 ft lbs is correct for the aluminum wheels. Can you notice any wear on the threads? If that is the case, I would try some new lug nuts. The length of the studs should be okay, as you don't specify the rims when buying new wheel hubs
  2. I had the same problem with finding the tool. My problem was one of the retainer nuts actually came loose and off the strut tower. Since I had the nut out, I was able to make the tool myself with a pipe, some 1/4-20 bolts, and a large hex nut on the top so I could put a socket on it and torque them down.
  3. The socket I use is the same that you have. A T-60 tamper resistant. Ive had the same problem you are having... If your bit keeps slipping out of the bolt, place it in with out your bar attached, and give the socket a few good taps with a hammer to get it seated in. Also, definitely use some sort of lube.
  4. Besides this being an old thread, I said in the second post that Lumina handles are different. They are no where close to fitting.
  5. Same thing happened to me a few weeks ago. My strut got damaged from it bouncing around, but it was replaced for free anyways. I don't have a picture of it, but I made the tool myself with a 2 1/4" nut welded to a length of pipe, and 4 1/4"-20 bolts welded to the other end to line up with the holes in the nut.
  6. I did mine this past summer on 96 CS. I laid both seats back all the way and was able to take it out the passenger side.
  7. I use these diagrams for every camera installation that I do at work. I just installed a remote start yesterday into my 96 using this list: Not sure what you all need for the alarm, but the list is made up for installing an alarm. Also, I did not need to use the relay for the parking lights.
  8. Yes it is box shaped. The connector comes from the bottom, and you really cant see it from up top. I just replaced mine for the 2nd time in a year. If you take off the strut tower brace, it gives you a lot more room to get your arm down in there. Mine did the flickering, plus lit dimly, then on solid thing for a few weeks before I replaced it. If you need to replace it, a 6" 90* pick works the best for getting the little steel/wire clip off of it.
  9. Since it seems that no one wants to do this meet, I won't be going.
  10. I'm still in for it. That sounds fine with me, I don't really have any preferences.
  11. Depends on what everyone wants to do.. I'm only in Des Moines 2 times a year: Once for State Fair, and once for an autos contest.
  12. Of the 5 people that have expressed interest, Des Moines is about 3 hours for the Missourians, and 2-2.5 for us 2 Iowans. I would rather do CR or IC as I know the area better, but I think it would be better for Des Moines as it is a bit more of a fairer distance for everyone.
  13. Depending on what people would be wanting to do, Iowa City after 9 PM is covered with drunk college kids. Bars are packed. I'm not the most familiar with Des Moines, so I cant say much about there. Also there is a home Hawkeye game on the 5th. I would suggest that to be a no for Iowa City on the 5th.
  14. I would be interested as well, dates for me would be any week end except the 11th - 13th. You have any ideas for a location? I'm in the Cedar Rapids/Iowa City area during the week. There is a few parks around up here for photos and things like that.
  15. I think it would depend on the shop. My mothers Fusion was in the body shop twice with only 2500 miles on it, and the shop cracked all 20 lugnuts. They have the chrome cap built onto the lug nut.
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