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  1. Right now, factory. It did the same thing before with an aftermarket one, though.
  2. I haven't been around here awhile. My W-body sat in the garage, dented and neglected. Today it is dusted off and I'm back to trying to fix it, and here are a couple of questions. I have an electrical drain in my 90 Cutlass. In cold weather the battery drains overnight. I hooked an ammeter between the battery and the + lead. Totally at rest, with the alarm off, the meter registered 0.3A. I started pulling fuses and when I yanked the #2 fuse from the inside panel the current dropped to 0.03A. #2 fuse is listed as being for radio memory and trip odometer. So, will 0.3A drain the battery overnight? Will 0.03A do that or is that normal for ECM power?
  3. JPaganel


    Your front end alignment is off. You need to get it aligned.
  4. JPaganel

    PA system

    'Cause they are NJ drivers?
  5. vacuum cruise control switch? If this is a rubber hose about 3/8 in diameter, see if it fits on the cruise switch by the brake pedal.
  6. Anybody calling themselves "elite" anything 99% of the time turns out to be a wannabe punk.
  7. JPaganel

    PA system

    Some CB radios have a PA jack and a PA switch on the front. If you don't have a jack marked PA and are using the one marked Speaker, you have connected the PA speaker to act as the external speaker for the CB which only outputs the incoming transmission, not what you say into the mike. If you don't have a PA jack, you need a different CB. You may need one anyway if you have been keying the mike without an antenna attached because that can fry the transmitter. Do you have an actual switch marked PA anywhere on this thing?
  8. JPaganel

    power windows

    Actually, today I found out that the best thing to pop GM rivets is DeWalt pilot point drill bits. First you knock the center of the rivet out with a punch, then drill with the appropriate size bit. The pilot point fits into the center hole. 99% of the time the rivet falls off. If it starts spinning, light pressure on the part will hold it still or it can be finished off with a chisel. I spent the day at the boneyard getting bracketry for my van, so I am speaking out of recent experience.
  9. The PCV valve is in the rear valve cover. MAP I'm not tooo sure about, but assuming it's like my 3.1 it sits on a bracket on the back of the plenum.
  10. JPaganel

    Car changing

    4L60 and 4L60e are the RWD transmissions. T stands for Transverse or Transaxle.
  11. I haven't been around in a long time. My Cutlass has been parked and I have had no time to work on it, so I drove an Astro instead. This Friday the Astro was stolen, so the Cutlass is back! I seem to have some kind of an electrical leak somewhere. In cold weather it drains the battery overnight, in warm it takes a couple of days. I know it will take me months to find this, so I was thinking of adding a second battery. My question is, how do I do that? As I see it, these are my options: 1. Wire the battery directly in parallel to the stock one 2. Get a high-amp relay and wire it to be on when running/off when stopped with a switch to connect it for starting 3. Get a battery isolator and hook it up per instructions. There are several kinds, some say they are for emergency starting, but they are pretty expensive. What am I missing? What are the downsides?
  12. It's not aluminum, it's steel. Were it aluminum, it wouldn't rust all to hell like it does. I got a new one from the dealer for $40.
  13. The lid is one of the three missing trim pieces from interior. He is also missing the bottom piece on the right rear door (you can see it if you look closely) and the cover from the passenger seatbelt. No, it's not the mount sticking out. It's the bare metal of the CD poking out from a hole in a flat piece of plastic. It's like he just cut a opiece to fit the hole instead of buying a $20 kit... The car itself has 160000 and change. On one hand, the valve noise bothers me, on the other I've seen plenty of 3.1s running fine with it. There are acouple of small holes in the trunk, so something must've been screwed down there, like an amp. I dunno, if it was under $1000, I'd snap it up...
  14. Cash is a problem. I need something inexpensive. I wanted to get a car with a nicer body I could maybe transplant my old engine into (after some cleanup/modification). I wonder if I offer $900 he will be insulted and spit at me... Oh yeah, that CD player is just about the shittiest install I have ever seen, sticking out of the dash like a turd...
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