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  1. When I replaced mine I used a hacksaw blade & cut the tube off at the nut which allowed a socket over the nut but for $75.00 I would have let someone else struggle with it.
  2. Thanks Had the usual problem getting the air out of the system but other than that went fine. Now need to put new tie rod ends on get aligned, new tires, swap out rear trunk lid with my 94 GP (small dent in the 95) & put 94 GP on CL to sell (Yes I have 4 W bodies).
  3. Update to this thread: I know this started out as a question about a 94 3.4 vert engine into a 95 GP with a 3.1 & this is what I ended up doing. Found a 94 3.1 out of a Regal with 57000 on it on Ebay & ended up using it. Replaced all gaskets while on engine stand & gussied up the intake, so the GP is back on the road after 3.5 years sitting
  4. The instruction's were with the top & I don't have them anymore. I got the top at they had the best price. You will need a good stapler & stainless steel staples & a warm day or maybe two. I also ordered the 1inch wider top even though mine did not require it & it works but the door glass can at times hit the top & hold it under the glass. I know the top will eventually shrink & will fit fine, so if you don't want to deal with that make sure you get the right size for the car. I'll post some pictures today also you can find some instructions on youtube the main thing is measure & mark the old top location too use as a reference.
  5. I replaced my top last year, not real hard just very time consuming.
  6. Very Very Nice!!
  7. I totally agree!! i had a 1981 Toyota truck that I put a 1991 4.3 V6 in put all the required stuff in moded the headers for smog pump, the state referee says I have good news & bad news for you, good news is it passes smog no prob in fact puts out less pollutants than the 81 engine. Bad news is we can't cert it due to the headers have not been approved by the state, I ask him but it passed smog he tells me the header company needs to pay a $3500 yearly fee to get the sticker to put on the headers. It's ALL about soaking you for the $$$$$$ nothing more. It's this way for everything in this state now. OK off my soapbox.... for now.
  8. I'm a native Californian & have given up on the management of my state & retiring to Utah in a few years, very very sad it's a great place to live.
  9. Yeah it will be up to how many times the smog station as been fined for missing things on the suprise checks the state does. Might be moving out of state in a couple of years so if it doesn't fly here might try it in Utah.
  10. Isn't the age on the motor #? That's only thing that I worry about, if the smog tech really starts digging could be an issue. Both are 49 state cars so even that shouldn't be a problem.
  11. Well contacted the state referee & he said if there is no change between the years there should be no way of telling & should fly( but rules say must be newer )......but he also said he's never heard of a car that did not have some change between years. So I'm 95% sure that there was no change & now should I take the chance & do all that work or just bite the bullet & get a new motor.
  12. That is a good question, Guess depends on the tech doing the smog check.
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