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  1. XC Ciera wagon? really? that would be awesome. Didn't think they made any
  2. looks like they both are still available. THe wagon, no one has bid on it. Current bid on the convertible is 200, but has alot of time left.
  3. Or how about Convertible, clean title, at auction , might end up in junk yard...
  4. how about a wagon, clear title, going to auction?
  5. I’ll take manuals, GM service, right? 20 shipped?
  6. Going rate for recover , most cars I’ve done or k own if were anywheres around 800-1000 for front and backs. I have had portions fixed , like a side or so. Then it’s about 150-200 seat, depending on how much. I had two. Sets, one cloth and one leather... mixed inside with cloth and leather. That was $200-250 a seat.. I think i look for good seats in junk yard, pay 50$ a seat and then swap over .. but then when I find seats and peeps aren’t willing to pay $60 a seat for someone to pull them, I see bunch of “meme” fish that run away when I ask for cash.. lol
  7. There's a 96 in our JY that the hose looks good.
  8. pshojo

    LQ1 Timing belt

    Looks like I need to do timing belt this summer too.
  9. Here’s 95 that I did rear bench bottom and bucket tops
  10. what all do you have? i'm surprised noone grabbed the 89 manuals
  11. You should get 96+ strut mounts, and upgrade your front brakes to 11” while you have it apart
  12. Ever notice the earlier ones were cast metal, then eventually went plastic. The cast ones are quite heavy
  13. Any thoughts of joint up with another group like the West Michigan GM gathering
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