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  1. Always loved that color combo.
  2. pshojo

    Gen2,3 Hud in Gen1

    Isn’t 1996 OBD2? What would keep me from switching LED screens? Anyone into electrical ?
  3. pshojo

    Gen2,3 Hud in Gen1

    Do they have red LED?
  4. pshojo

    Gen2,3 Hud in Gen1

    How about switching the screens LED from Aztek to the 96 GP? Thoughts?
  5. pshojo

    Gen2,3 Hud in Gen1

    I remember seeing some previous conversations about putting in newer style HUD in our Gen1's. THought a re-pin was required. I picked up an Aztek HUD to install in my 95. I'm thinking about swapping the components within the housing, but not sure on the wiring swap?
  6. pshojo

    '91-96 GP headlight HID/LED light tutorial?

    has anyone done this or something similar?
  7. pshojo

    Sunroof glass & seal from 92-96

    I believe i should have one of those.
  8. pshojo

    '91-96 GP headlight HID/LED light tutorial?

    are our headlights same as 93-97 Camaro?
  9. pshojo

    Getrag 284

    there is getrag 284 set up for sale, including extra parts on Grandprixforums..
  10. 284 in your convertible? What? cool, Have any issues with this.
  11. how good are the greasable bushing?
  12. I have a set, need both?
  13. pshojo

    91 vs 95 LQ1 Comparison

    I've been told that earlier air box is bigger and a good upgrade? anyone confirm?
  14. pshojo

    Billet Dogbone

    What’s measurement length wise?
  15. pshojo

    Should I just keep my 95!!

    Or if you can find impala police car junk yard you can get trans cooler for it. Ask you can make 4t60e pretty strong as they share some with 4t65e. I would also see if you can find a LQ1 trans to rebuild.