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  1. pshojo

    W-body Nationals June 2019

    Any thoughts of joint up with another group like the West Michigan GM gathering
  2. pshojo

    Junk Yard Thread, Never ending

    Heading to Chicago for JY today (Saturday)
  3. The rear sway bar onz34 are same as what you Normal Wbody dy. The 1995 LQ1 z34/Ltz has larger sway bars. Maybe 94, but once you look at the back you will see they are significantly larger. I had a set on my cutlass, also upgrad to poly be shines front and rear.
  4. pshojo

    W-body Nationals June 2019

    I might actually come. Likely drive convertible.. as the ManVan isn’t exactly w-body
  5. There are some who use 4t65 parts in 4t60e to increase strength. Not sure what those parts are. If you have 4t60e trans from LQ1, those rpms are significantly higher due to the 3:43 FDR. Personally I don’t know why more people don’t upgrade to these trans if currently having 4t60e already. After all I used this on a non LQ1, and woke the sucker up for throttle response.
  6. pshojo

    convertible carpeting

    Wonder if they would develop set for us, and how many carpets would they need up front to sell. I’d want one
  7. perfect parts car, too bad i'm still trying to get bugs worked out on my van..
  8. the milled edges look nice.
  9. pshojo

    1992-1997 Cutlass LH Spoiler Tail Light Lens

    still need a set?
  10. pshojo


    i've always thought about how cool this would be
  11. pshojo

    Sun visor stickers

    who's re-upholestering these? i didn't think you could. I'd love to do a set in vinyl/leather...
  12. pshojo

    GP tail lights.

    do you need a 88-90? i have one
  13. pshojo

    34 mm away bar

    i put the 1995 Lumina rear sway bar on mine, it was able to align just fine. I did add the rear adjustable lateral arms. I don't know if that helps.
  14. pshojo

    Need a good working fuel rail for my Regal 2.8 V-6

    If this works let me know.
  15. pshojo

    Need a good working fuel rail for my Regal 2.8 V-6

    I have 3.1L fuel rail. Comes from 96, I think?