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  1. Hi, just wanting to know where the temp blend door actuator is on a 98 gtp with auto climate control?
  2. I fixed a car that had a similar problem a few years ago. It would randomly shut off the engine while driving. Almost everything was still getting power except the engine. I believe it was an Alero about the same year as yours. Turns out it was a bad ignition switch. It would randomly shut power off to the engine. I would check the wiring out of the ignition switch and make sure its feeding power out like it should. The switch connector can go bad also- a loose wire end or corrosion can create an open in the system.
  3. No, this is the piece that stops the door from opening too far. If your door is sagging, your hinges are probably worn out.
  4. Anybody know the gm part # of the drivers door check link on a 2 door 1996 grand prix se? Its the little arm that keeps the door open, located in between the door hinges.
  5. I have a 96 Grand Prix SE with the 3100. It has trouble code PO441 evap system incorrect purge. I have replaced the purge solenoid which i think was bad with a used one. With my old purge solenoid it had a different code- i believe flow during non purge. That code is now gone and i have the 441.I can activate the purge valve on my scan tool and can hear it clicking on and off. I have a California emissions car, it has an evap pressure sensor mounted next to the purge solenoid. The canister line goes thru this to the purge valve. I think this sensor is bad causing the 441 code. I cant find this part listed anywhere. I went thru at least 4 or 5 3100's at the junkyard and they all had the same purge solenoid as mine, but no pressure sensor, as they all were 49 state vehicles. Anybody know where i can get this pressure sensor?
  6. The defrost cover was prolly the hardest mod. The hud specific cover rises up over the hud unit, and only has a small oval opening for the image. It looks butchered right now, but works. The hud unit i bought is from a 97 and up, so i had to repin about 10 wires in the hud connector. The 97 and up display radio info if you have the correct stereo, which is really nice. The switchs are all the same up to i think 2003. I bought one from a 98 on ebay. With a little bit of work with my mototool i carved out the stock headlight switch assy to accept the hud switch. Had to run a wire from the stereo to the hud for radio info. I dont have any ghost imaging or anything with the image on the windshield. This was a great little mod and I spent about 50$ for the switch and hud unit on ebay, plus 20 at the junkyard for a defrost cover(i wanna keep my original) and some wiring pigtails- i needed 2 or 3 gm wire terminals to add the radio wire.
  7. Thanks! Im goin out to the shop now to wire it up!
  8. Just got my heads up display installed in my 96 grand prix. I put in a 97& up hud unit in, and repinned the hud connector so the wiring matches the newer hud. Except for the radio info, pin A5. I have a stock montana cd player (1997 model year) installed and am wondering if anyone knows which wire is the serial data line that goes to the hud harness a5 pin to display radio info on the heads up display, or if i need to add a wire from the stock stereo. Thanks.
  9. well, after looking at the abs wire i realized it was duct taped at some point in time. the tape was unraveling and i remember when i rotated the tires i pulled a little of the loose tape off of the wire. thewire must have been damaged in the past and somebody taped it. so i figure thats where the code is coming from, when i messed with it during the tire rotation. gonna get it there and check it out and repair the wire sometime...
  10. 96 G.P. S.E. never had an issue with abs, then rotated tires front to rear. The next day i get the abs light on (its not on at startup). Code 26, exessive rf wheel acceleration. All wheels are stock, all tires same brand/size. The light doesnt come on until i hit highway speeds. Any ideas???
  11. 96 GP, no keyless entry from factory. is the harness for the module in cars that didnt come with it from the factory? if not, where can u splice in a stock module?
  12. I was wanting to know if a heads up display unit from a 95 grand prix will work in a 96 grand prix. My 96 didnt come with one factory, but i could get a 95 hud cheap...
  13. the 96 g.p. has 6 brake lites. think about that , most cars only have 2. more current flow=way more momentary voltage drop, especially at low rpms,(when alt output is low) when your braking. i think from the posts here that its "normal" for the car to do that. battery is new and alt is good. cranks over fine.
  14. got a new to me 96 gp and one thing i noticed while driving at nite the headlights would always dim for a split second when i hit the brakes. kinda annoying.then i took a tailight apart to replace the water damaged outer lens. then i noticed the number of brake lights , 6. wow im thinkin thats wat is dimming my headlights when ihit the brakes. im gonna get some led replacements for the brake lites, itll b a lot less load. anybody else dealt with this?
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