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  1. I'd price a new headliner and consider doing it all at once if the budget allows for it. The worst feeling I've had doing projects like this is not replacing a wearable part when I've had the chance, then wishing I would've spent the extra $
  2. Your car has two of these bleeders. Both are circled below. It looks like the heater inlet hose one is good (the one closest to the firewall).
  3. Great catch. Yeah, that thing is sheared for sure. Here is what it should look like: Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. I understand the thought of thinking you should be able to do it by yourself. I suffer from the same thing lol.
  5. Those seats really came clean! That interior is beautiful! Use that Turtle Wax upholstery cleaner a few times and they'll look a little better each time. I'm going to have my seat foams replaced at some point and I'll give the cushions a super detailed cleaning at that point. Then I'll scotch guard them. Nice work jiggity, now lets hear that bad boy run!
  6. If you tighten the clear plastic lens too tightly, it can cause the contacts in the assembly to make contact and keep the lights on. Same thing happened to me when I removed the rear trim to upgrade the rear speakers. I'd start by checking the three screws that hold the lens in place and ensure they aren't too tight.
  7. A brand new one came with my vert. Back in 2011 I installed it to take some pics, then put it back in the box. I've often thought about using it in the warm months because all of the bugs seem to have a death wish around here and I hate using bug/tar remover on my paint. But I do anyway.
  8. Start the car already! The suspense is killing me
  9. Rich-go for it man. It's going to be a couple of weeks before I can get my truck back from my son.
  10. Seems like I'm on a constant LQ1 myth buster crusade on fb. People who've never owned or maintained one acting like they're an authority. The biggest myth being how difficult it is to change a timing belt followed closely by constant head gasket failures and massive oil leaks. Then I get called a dick because I call them out for disseminating false information
  11. It looks like the seats were reupholstered using red and graphite and they just don't fit well. I've never seen seat covers that use the same pattern for these particular seats. Interesting choice of colors. I don't hate it. 87k miles...if it still has the original timing belt the engine is on borrowed time. Just calculate the cost of a new timing belt kit into what he wants to invest. They aren't hard to change if you change them before they break. The plug wires have been changed and the fuel rail cover is torqued down too much, so some work has probably been done. Maybe the LIM gaskets. The car looks clean. As long as the bottom isn't rusty I'd say $1900 would be a fair price. These verts are rising in price. Slowly, but they are rising.
  12. My '91 CS coupe has one plastic mirror and one metal one. Way down on my list is to find another metal one so they match.
  13. Did you change the spark plug wire and plugs yet? It's always a good idea to draw a diagram of which spark plug wires plug into which coil pack. I put masking tape at each end of the wires, based on where they plugged into the coil packs. I made the one farthest to the passengers side #1, then numbered each wire as I pulled them off of the coil pack, moving toward the drivers side, which I called #6. Then I matched up the wires by length, and transferred the numbering to the new wires, then reinstalled. Which ever way you do it, just keep track of which plug wire goes to which coil pack post.
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