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    -Born 28 October 1969 in Fairbanks Alaska.

    -Married since 1995 and have 3 sons.

    -Retired in 2010 after serving 22 years in the U.S. Navy as a Deep Sea Diver (think of the movie "Men of Honor"), and later as an IT Manager. Now working as a Consultant for WBB Consulting and Technical

    -I've owned a convertible in some form or fashion since I was 19.
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  1. MemphisMan

    Junk Yard Thread, Never ending

    My drink sits where the coin holder goes for now. I'll take one if you ever run across another please.
  2. MemphisMan

    Z34 swag

    I need the rear sway bar off of all of those please!
  3. MemphisMan

    Junk Yard Thread, Never ending

    Cup holder!
  4. MemphisMan

    WANTED: White "STE Turbo" Nameplate

    That's the best looking badge of any W-body, hands down, 100%, don't even try to convince me otherwise! Jesus!!!
  5. This might be something good to snag just in case. Still has the plastic sheet on the face.
  6. They look OEM to me too. Got to see them when I pulled my monoleaf yesterday One of mine was worn.
  7. Sure will. Just FYI, the stock top mounts are reused on the coil overs so they bolt up with the same two bolts. What I really want to photograph is the removal of the monoleaf. Maybe even take a video of the releasing of the tension on it.
  8. Welcome. Is your Z34 white by chance? Post up some pics in the new members section and tell us a little about it. is a good place to start for the front. I used this on my first wbody and am getting ready to do it to my second one. shows the parts list needed for building coil overs for the rear. Getting ready to do this again too, but this time I'm going to take more pics and provide a more detailed write-up. It's super easy.
  9. MemphisMan

    W bodies with the Wrong stock wheels

  10. MemphisMan

    W bodies with the Wrong stock wheels

    This one is on FB marketplace.
  11. MemphisMan

    How to clean my Cutlass.

    *jiggity strokes out at doing this lmao!
  12. MemphisMan

    Cutlass convertible original drafts

    Hmmm, if you have MS Office, you can rotate them in picture viewer then upload them. If not, PM them to me and I can rotate them? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. MemphisMan

    Cutlass convertible original drafts

    These are great illustrations Manic. Thanks for posting them. Looks like they assigned individuals by name to fabricate different support pieces. In the back of the 1991 CS Service Manual Vol 2, there is a section which shows all of the reinforcements added to the coupes to make them convertibles. I counted 30 diagrams and each diagram appears to show a different support brace and it’s location on the car. I’d post all of them in a separate link, but my manual looks like termites got in it and the entire section of the manual is damaged. If someone could post up the diagrams in the Vert section that would be great. Here are just some of the diagrams. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. MemphisMan

    Top Raising.

    Not sure if anyone has done this. What if you disconnected the cylinders from the top all together, then stood on the back seat and manually lifted the top from the center of the header bow. If the top frame was binding on the passengers side, you'd be able to feel it. If it feels even on both sides you know the issue is with the hydraulic system.
  15. MemphisMan

    Top Raising.

    How uneven does it raise? I have one side about a 1/4 sec slower than the other side.