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    -Born 28 October 1969 in Fairbanks Alaska.

    -Married since 1995 and have 3 sons.

    -Retired in 2010 after serving 22 years in the U.S. Navy as a Deep Sea Diver (think of the movie "Men of Honor"), and later as an IT Manager. Now working as a Consultant for WBB Consulting and Technical

    -I've owned a convertible in some form or fashion since I was 19.
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    Memphis, TN
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    Fast cars and loose women, neither of which I have.
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    Project Manager, SAIC

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  1. MemphisMan

    Possible Top Pin Cup Solution

    I emailed kzwslf, but never heard a response from him. I'd like a couple of pairs.
  2. MemphisMan

    4T60E Shifting Issue: 95 Cutlass Supreme

    If the gear selector is in 2nd, from a dead stop it will shift from 1st to 2nd as it should, but the RPM drops a bit as if the TCC was engaged. It will then stay in second until I stop. When I almost come to a stop, the engine RPM drops a bit as if the TCC was engaged. When I come to a full stop, it goes back to 1st gear as it should. I changed the Throttle position sensor a couple of days ago and that didn't fix it either.
  3. MemphisMan

    4T60E Shifting Issue: 95 Cutlass Supreme

    The shop said the reason the car wants to die when I come to a stop is because the TC clutch is staying engaged against the flywheel, like when you come to stop in a manual and don't press the clutch pedal in, the car dies. You're right jman, it wasn't the TCC solenoid. Last weekend, I removed the transmission side cover to replace all four solenoids in there (1-2 shift, 3-4 shift, TCC, and PWM). Same issue. It was a gamble that didn't pay off.
  4. MemphisMan

    Convertible front body

    I just checked my 91 Coupe. It doesn't have any holes there.
  5. MemphisMan

    Convertible front body

    Wow. I just verified my car has the same holes with cuts in them. I never noticed those before. When I saw your pics I thought for sure someone had cut them for some reason. I wonder what the purpose of the cuts are.
  6. MemphisMan

    4T60E Shifting Issue: 95 Cutlass Supreme

    I was able to test the ohms between pins A and D and it read 46.6 ohms. If no between 20-30 ohms, service manual says to replace, so hopefully my issue is the TCC solenoid.
  7. MemphisMan

    4T60E Shifting Issue: 95 Cutlass Supreme

    I had the transmission diagnosed at a transmission shop today. There were able to connect to my ALDL connector and run diagnostic and troubleshoot. They said all electrical was good and PCM was functioning as normal. He said, based on what the car was doing when he drove it, that it was related to the torque converter. Of course he recommended a full rebuild at a cost of $2100, which included all labor. When I asked him if it could be the TCC solenoid, he said possibly, but recommended a full rebuild to be sure. I'm going to check the ohms at the transaxle connector on Wednesday. According to the service manual I should get between 20-30 ohms at pins A and D. If not, repair internal wiring or replace TCC solenoid. Solenoid and side cover gasket are less than $75 combined, so hopefully it's the TCC solenoid.
  8. MemphisMan

    Rear seat removal?

    Were there two or three bolts holding the bottom of the back cushion down?
  9. MemphisMan

    Doubling Down on W-bodies

    Welcome! Great looking ride you got there!
  10. MemphisMan

    New member

    Hello Rob. Beautiful car you bought. A member saw this car for sale and there was conversation about it on the site before you bought it. I'm glad you joined. I looked at the CL add, but don't remember how many miles were on it. It would be a great if you started a separate thread in the "Member's Rides" section of the forum so we can learn all about your car. You'll learn so much about your car on this forum.
  11. MemphisMan

    New member

    I agree. Both are beautiful cars. Can't wait to see the progress on that beautiful, loaded GP. Also, can't wait to learn more about the quad-white vert. It's in outstanding condition!
  12. MemphisMan

    New member

    Welcome! Man, that thing looks nice and straight. Also looks loaded.
  13. MemphisMan

    Rear seat removal?

    Don't completely remove it. Just don't pull the ends through the seat bottom when you go to reinstall.