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  1. i tried the smoke test and got nothing. so the fact that it doesn't do this when the IAC is unplugged leads me to believe that is the problem, so I'm going to replace that and see how it goes
  2. i just replaced them less then 500 miles ago, and i put a line of RTV around the outside of both of them
  3. stock air box, running 87 octane ethanol free gas. i just replaced the UIM and LIM so i hope thats not it. i have not cleaned/ replaced the MAF yet, ill try to clean it tomorrow and see if that makes any difference.
  4. so today i went and pulled the IAC and TPS off of a z34 in the junkyard. installed both idle was HORRIBLE, didn't want to come down from 3000. put my old IAC back in and sprayed some carb cleaner in the port to try and clean it some what, and it seemed to run better than before. it still idled high after start up but comes down quicker now, and it still spikes up with a tap on the throttle. so I'm thinking to replace the IAC again(the one i got in november was supposedly AcDelco) and liberally clean that port. if that doesn't fix it ill just leave, i can live with the high idle and its still getting almost 19MPG delivering pizza.
  5. 1994 lumina LQ1, it currently has a weird idle. on start up(cold or hot doesn't matter) it revs to about 2000 then slowly comes down to about 800. ANY slight tap of the gas and it revs up to about 1500 then slowly back down. at first i thought it was a vacuum leak but, 1 i replace all vacuum lines with new hoses and 2 using the carb cleaner method i didn't find any leaks. so then i unplugged the IAC valve and that seemed to fix the problem. with it unplugged it doesn't spike up with a tap of the gas and the idle seems more stable. now i just replaced the IAC last november could it have gone bad that quick? between now and then i don't think its been driven but a couple hundred miles. is there a way to test the IAC? any help would be really appreciated
  6. defflepp1

    Z34 parts

    so is there anything else worth taking? springs? brakes? exhaust?
  7. defflepp1

    Z34 parts

    well thats that then, i guess I'm going back to the junkyard lol
  8. defflepp1

    Z34 parts

    so i was at my local junkyard today and they just happen to have a red Z34 in there. it pretty complete and in over all ok shape. so i was wondering if there were any parts i should grab off of it for 3.4 Euro? also i was wondering if some of the body parts will fit on my sedan? specifically the front and rear bumpers and the hood. I'm pretty sure i have seen the hood done before but never the bumpers. any input on this would be greatly appreciated, thanks
  9. defflepp1

    BOSE stereo

    stupid question, what would be the best way to check for power at the amp?
  10. defflepp1

    BOSE stereo

    so i FINALLY got my 94 lumina running so now i can start to address some of the smaller problems. the biggest one at the moment is no radio. it has the BOSE stereo(amp underneath rear deck) the head unit works but I'm not getting any sound. so I'm trying to figure the best way to fix it. first thought was checking fuses, however i don't have the owners manual and can't find a fuse chart. if someone can post that i would greatly appreciate it if that does work i was thinking to try and replace the bose amp with an aftermarket one, using the factory wiring. is that possible? and obviously the last option would be to put an aftermarket head unit in the run all new wiring. if anyone has any advice i would greatly appreciate it
  11. defflepp1

    LQ1 update

    ok so some of you may have read about the problems that i have been having with my 1994 3.4 Euro, specifically the smoking. well today i decided to take it for a drive anyway, and it appears as though all it was, was an accumulation of coolant from the intake gasket job. because after driving it a good 30 minutes it stopped smoking, temp gauge never got above half way, coolant still in reservoir and after it had cooled down i checked the radiator and it was still full. so now that i have problem sorted i can attempt to address the other issues. 1- its not idling correctly. it drops way down(about 400-500) chugs and wants to die. any slight pressure on the throttle and it will rev up to about 2000 then slowly come down. i have checked for vacuum leaks(carb cleaner method) and found nothing. i have noticed that if i unplug the IAC that the rev up problem goes away, so believe that is at least part of the problem. is there anyway to test an IAC? like with a volt meter? 2-brake pedal is hard. it still stops ok, its just that there is almost no pedal travel, and i can't press is hard enough to perform a "panic stop" or activate the ABS. any help on these problems would be greatly appreciated
  12. ok so after further investigation i believe it is either the front head is cracked or the gasket is bad. now if circumstances were different i might have considered fixing it the right way, however, being time is a factor and the cold weather is coming i need this fixed now on the cheap. i know this is not the prefered method but, what is the best way to seal it up?
  13. so i tried the pressure test and i couldnt see anything leaking, but the pressure was going down. so I'm really lost now, i did have one other thought though. i used to have a cadillac and the head gasket went(go figure) and heard about these sealant tabs you can add to the coolant and its suppose to stop leaks, would it be safe to use those on this?
  14. i am seriously out of ideas here, i need some expert advice. i have a 1994 lumina with LQ1 i recently replaced UIM, LIM, Thermostat, CTS. after all that work i now have a coolant leak from some where. i dont really notice it on the ground, however if i drive it it will start to smoke/ steam from under the hood. the smoke/steam has a very sweet smell to it. to try and solve this i have replaced the rubber coolant hose going to the plenum, the quick disconnect for the heater line, and resealed the thermostat housing. i tried using a pressure tester but i still cant see anything. I'm just so lost right now, any help would be greatly appreciated
  15. ok so does anything else go there or is it just an o-ring? and where would be a good place to look for a replacement? what specs am i looking for, size-wise?
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