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  1. I have a rt qtr window that is stuck down. Any ideas on how to fix short of drilling all the rivets out?
  2. Pin cups on the pace car. Held in with a c-clip on the bottom
  3. I’ll save most of it. There are a few switches in different places and I’ll have to figure out the wiring. It just takes time.
  4. So I got the door panels and seat belt assemblies installed off the pace car. Thankfully everything works, piecing switches and other door parts together. Slow going
  5. So I’ve been messing with this on my day off. It had to put a new fuse on the interior lamps. I replaced the fuse and the climate control head unit continues to stay lit up even though the ignition is off. So I wonder if the blend door is really a bad Climate Control Head unit?
  6. So I’ve gotten the engine swapped last week and the windshield replaced yesterday. The interior swap will happen next week....finally And a problem was noted on the way home. No heat. Assuming the blend doors are stuck. How do I approach fixing this issue? any help will be appreciated.
  7. They are a stock 20 inch Toyota Venza wheel with a 22MM adapter. I sanded them down, shot a coat of epoxy and then black base and clear on them.
  8. So I’ve had a lot of mechanicals done to this old bird and it’s taken a good bit of the summer. This week it was brakes, wheels and tires. Next week starts the pace car interior swap. Theres never a dull moment.
  9. Thank you for sharing. I doubt I will do a unit with CD, it will strictly be USB and Micro SD capability so it won’t need quite as much room as that one. How tall is the screen on that one?
  10. Mine is 1.5 DIN and DIN 2 “should” require trimming of some kind. Either dash mounting or the bezel, maybe both. I’d like to know before I plop the cash down to buy something.
  11. I’m swapping my interior on my 93 droptop now and would like to upgrade the sound system. Has anyone altered your dash for a double DIN head unit? If so, how much needs to be trimmed?
  12. I’ve got a lot of mechanical work going on with my droptop. Engine regasketing, low mile used trans, axles, motor mounts, control arms, trailing arms. Once my mechanic is done the interior will be on me and my dad. I’ll share some pics when I get to that point.
  13. It is my understanding the structural integrity wasn’t strong enough to withstand a 35 mph impact and gm had to recoup them. They haven’t got them all however. If it was purely a design concept, GM never would have placed a VIN tag on them. This particular car has about 4400 miles on it.
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