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  1. Are we doing this y'all? Is there a planning thread I missed, or has anyone taken the initiative to start planning? I remember there being a lot of interest in an Erie, PA meet. I will help plan and scope things out if that works for those who want to go. We just need to get the ball rolling if this is going to happen. By the way, in spite of it being a small meet the June meet was still a fantastic time and I think one of the best meets I've been to... Let's keep it going!
  2. Looking forward to this.
  3. So... When and where is this happening, folks?
  4. So maybe this weekend will be less a meet and more a "friends hang out weekend"? Sounds good to me. It may be a good idea to work out something to do Saturday if it rains. It is looking like a good chance of rain as of now. And I'll be bringing my Focus because... well, it is my only vehicle.
  5. Toledo just seems to work well. I'd love to have one in Erie or even at home in Pittsburgh but I have absolutely no time to plan or organize anything like that.
  6. We do the park/cookout for lunch. We are typically there 10-2 or so then go to the junkyard.
  7. Generally a couple of us will run to Meijer on Saturday morning and pickup picnic stuff (burgers, hotdogs, chips, etc), everyone chips in 5-10 bucks to reimburse whoever bought. There's a creek at the park we usually go to but I wouldn't try to put a trolling motor in it. Sometimes there are people fishing nearby.
  8. Grill like usual? I'll bring a cooler or two.
  9. 1. Psych0matt 2. Imp558 3. GOT2B GM 4. WhatTheFehl
  10. I'd like to see the truck myself. And I'm bringing the Focus so you'll be in good company on the outcast side of the parking lot.
  11. Maybe not swimming, but minigolf would be fun to do again.
  12. Mehh. Waffle House is more of a place you end up, rather than plan to go...
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