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  1. I did coils on my 91 GTP and found the 250s were to soft I’d also recommend 300. You can use the rear sway bar out of a 97 montecarlo if you can find one. It’s the largest stock bar there is. 95-96 might also have these as well. I have a powder coated strut tower bar from a 96’ cutty vert. In my 91 it rubbed ever so annoyingly on the EGR so I took it off. I’ve posted it on eBay here and there but did not sell. If you’re interested I’d sell it on for a low price but couldn’t say what shipping would be or if it would rub your EGR as well. It’s more likely to as they’re both 1st gen GPS?
  2. GTP091

    5 speed swap

    I’ll accept any suggestions on machine shop work as well. Based on the cost I may look into getting the heads decked, even if they pass the straight edge test? Also wondering on a 3 or 5 angle valve job. A port and polish sounds kind of interesting but have learned if you change the shape of the combustion chamber at all you mess up the volume between cylinders and ruin the benefit. Not sure there yet
  3. GTP091

    5 speed swap

    Got the other carrier off last night. All seems well from what i see so far. Will bag and tag each lifter and see if there’s any bad ones. I’ve done some general research into hydraulic lifters and the consensus is to put em back where you found em and clean them with solvent to remove any dirt. The sticky plunger I found on one could just need a cleaning. If not it seems summit of all places might have them in stock. Next up is off with the heads..
  4. GTP091

    5 speed swap

    Ive done an examination and found all but one of the lifters in great shape. One of them which is actually labelled number one has a sticky plunger. Hard to describe it really, all the others slide easily with some force but they don’t seem to be seizing. It feels tighter than it should be. Wish I could easily buy just one or two and not the entire set. I’ll have to check eBay. I imagine if I put it back in it’ll be noisey and could fail eventually.
  5. GTP091

    5 speed swap

    Got the carrier off by holding it in place with two tie downs. I turned the engine upside down took the last two bolts out, loosened the straps one at a time, and lowered the carrier onto a bucket. I should patent that process worked great. The lifters look fantastic, that carrier is one tightly machined piece of aluminum. Going to check the cam journals but I bet I’ll find they’re excellent.
  6. GTP091

    5 speed swap

    Not overly exciting but here’s the latest. Nothing like christmas to get in the way of progress. Now that’s out of the way here’s where I’m at. Ready to pop the cam carriers off. The Haynes manual nanners on about using fuel line to hold the lifters in place. I’ve read on here to just flip the engine upside down which makes more sense and then I don’t ruin fuel hose. Also I don’t have the two sizes they say to use. When assembling these engines gm must have had some kind of fancy jig? I imagine if i just lift it off it’ll be about the same as dumping a box of LEGO on the floor. If anyone that’s done an LQ1 rebuild before has any wisdom on this I’d be interested. Also that son of a bitch jackshaft/timing belt primary pulley bolt wouldn’t budge and I partially stripped the bolt. Impact socket and a breaker bar would do nothing. Curse words a plenty, many of them... . Let me guess Left hand thread??
  7. GTP091

    Getrag 284 & axleshaft replacement.

    290k. That’s a fair bit. How’s the 284 holding up?
  8. GTP091

    Getrag 284 & axleshaft replacement.

    The old cv axles you had were worn out and clicking during turns or boots leaking and not wanting to reseal/rebuild? I ask because I have a complete set and wondering their overall condition before I put my own into to service with 180k on em
  9. GTP091

    Rear Suspension Struts Change

    I’ve always wondered if these upgraded bars reuse the oem bolts?
  10. GTP091

    5 speed swap

    And the latest on the valley cleanup. The latest compression test has #4 no higher than 60 psi so something up there.
  11. GTP091

    5 speed swap

    Well let’s continue to bastardize this thread that is so far only talk about a 5 speed swap. I’ll do a new thread called the actual 5 speed wasp when I get there. That’s not likely going to happen this winter as this winter it’s project rebuild the engine instead. So here’s the latest. I cleaned the EGR up nice like only to realize the gasket between the egr valves and the base is not easily obtained, or at least rockauto doesn’t list it. there’s an a shit moment I shouldn’t have OCD’d the egr so much. The gasket in question is the dirty one in the pic. Also would like new egr bolts.
  12. GTP091

    96 CS sedan brakes.

    Nothing unusual. The caliper bracket will need to come off to change the rotors. They take a #60 torx on the front (96’ should be the sameness 91–93?) and are a real bugger to get off as they’re on the backside, get some penetrating oil on them 2 days ahead of time. Make sure you have a way to push the piston back into the bore and keep an eye on the reservoir level so it doesn’t overflow. If your doing the whole car you should start at the rears and flush the fluid if it’s unknown when it was done last. Don’t forget to grease the slides!
  13. I ditto what duster said about replacing the subframe. There’s two engine mounts, a trans mount two bolts for the steering rack, 4 for the control arms, the sway bar has 4 nuts. After that is the steering cooler line. If you remove one from a junkyard first itll be that much easier to repeat on yours. There’s gotta be a scapyrd around you? Do you have access to a cherry picker? I have a gen 1 subframe in the back of my truck. Shipping would be a killer for you though or I’d let you have it. I can take pictures or measurements if it helps.
  14. GTP091

    Front suspension fail

    Rough deal man. Real ass kicker. Glad you didn’t lose the drivers side and get pulled into a head on. The parts won’t be bad cost wise so the fix will be easy enough if you know how to do suspension work. Hopefully you find the fender is in good shape and not twisted or pushed into the door? Get the car up on jack stands and take a good look at what you’ve got yourself into.
  15. GTP091

    Thinking about having my car painted

    Post a pic of the car as it is now. Hard to offer an opinion if we don’t know what you’ve got