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  1. Imp558

    Who can reprogram the odometer on the Delco cluster?

    The Saar theiry once was the digit in that place was only capable displaying a 1 and didn't have segments for other numbers.
  2. Imp558

    Front suspension fail

    The factory A-arms are nice, ball joints and bushings are replaceable.
  3. Imp558

    Front suspension fail

    The A-arm bushings were bad? That one doesn't look bad. I mean obviously it's not repairable at this point but it doesn't look worn out.
  4. Imp558

    Who can reprogram the odometer on the Delco cluster?

    There's an old thread here discussing the same issue. The consensus was to change/upgrade the cluster then.
  5. When I was a kid we jacked the ass of a 1979 Lesabre way up and dropped an Olds 403 in. We also replaced a missing tooth in the grill with a gold one which was badass but not performance related of course. We immediately noticed a substantial amount of oversteer, which is where I'm looking to caster on my GS, which I'm intending on autocrossing this year after L67/4T65E-HD, and all four coilovers incidentally.
  6. Imp558

    Who can reprogram the odometer on the Delco cluster?

    Have you contacted a dealer? They must have been able to re-program an odo with a Tech-1 in the event of an instrument cluster failure.
  7. Imp558

    Who can reprogram the odometer on the Delco cluster?

    Where oh where is Saar?
  8. Imp558

    W-body Nationals June 2019

    It would be Friday the 7th -Sunday the 9th if we do June. if the consensus is that autocross is not important then realistically we can do any date all summer here in Erie.
  9. Does caster adjustment help with understeer? I was just theorizing based on things we did on another platform.
  10. Imp558

    W-body Nationals June 2019

    SCCA meeting tonight and finally dates on the calendar. This year autocross events will be Sundays so they can set up Saturday nights so those weekends are June 9th and July 7th. Sunday could be better for us since not everyone will want to attend autocross for various reasons so some may just want to head out. Track walking will be around 10:AM, racing will start shortly after.
  11. I don't mind doing the tweaking and buying a different set of springs if need be. To me the most important part is being able to adjust front caster, I think I can tune a lot of the W-Body understeer out with that.
  12. An old member who I suspect was coilover patient 0 once said his Regal handled better before the coilovers. I figure on trying some different weight springs if it's not what I want.
  13. MemphisMan has done a nice write-up on rear coilovers using KYB Excel-G struts and 250# QA1 springs. He's got p/n's, a couple videos, and oodles of pictures on the 7th page of his '91 Cutlass build thread. He did not use tenders though, so this is a traditional rear coilover conversion.
  14. KYB AGX struts are a bizarre diameter. You have to tell Jarek so he can accommodate the shaft and then buy an odd size sleeve and seat that don't quite fit unless you put some tape or something on the strut first. I wanted those front and rear so I had a-arms modified to put second gen struts up front since they don't have a cartridge option. If you look around there's a thread I updated regarding poly bushings in the A-arms too.
  15. My suspension is from space, custom a-arms to allow second gen spindles and stuff. A bunch of shit you probably don't want to deal with. The quality of Jarek's mounts is outstanding, just holding one is awe inspiring. It's not in yet so I can't comment on the performance and durability but I'm going to start that swap this month.