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  1. That coupon code worked for one of our members, just shipping.
  2. Imp558

    W bodies with the Wrong stock wheels

    did you have to use spacers?
  3. FREECALNEW This code should be a free calendar for new shutterfly customers
  4. Imp558

    Roof repair need advice

    I mean the carport company. That looked new and it's documented how much snow fell and what it weighs per in2. There should be grounds for a refund.
  5. Imp558

    Roof repair need advice

    Are you going to be able to get your money back from the P.O.S carport?
  6. Imp558

    2007 Grand Prix Airbag Issues

    This is ground G302.
  7. Imp558

    2007 Grand Prix Airbag Issues

    No sensor should require a handshake. According to Alldata the sensor is in the seat and the module is underneath the seat. The module does have communications but even so I don't see why it would need a handshake since its not antitheft or theft prone. I would try to score both from a yard car and do the module first.
  8. Imp558

    Roof repair need advice

    I think you could get away with cutting it back to a non mangled section, flanging the edges, and welding a hunk off another car in. You could potentially jack it up and use a hammer and sandbag to get the shape close enough for filler.
  9. Imp558

    New Owner - Regal GS

    Welcome aboard! Is this your first W-Body / L67?
  10. Okay! Somehow magically the price is down to $14.99 now! Shutterfly also takes coupon codes at checkout. Here's the link, and if you want a zip file just let me know.
  11. Imp558

    My Droptop

    So cool you saved some of it.
  12. Oh that would be really cool. I'll have odds and ends from both cars.
  13. Wait until summer, I should have my Regal stripped then and you can just send me shipping fees. I'll have them from a 1995 and a 1996.
  14. I promised the calendar would be ready tonight and technically it is. But Shutterfly which is the only site I found last time that allowed us to do a shareable link to order has gone from expensive at $18, to ridiculous at $29! What I'm going to do is look more for other options tomorrow earlier in the day when I can get some people on the horn, I'll post the Shutterfly link tomorrow as well and maybe with online coupon codes we can make it tolerable. Anyone wishing to have a zip file so they can just carry the files in somewhere locally just say the word, one of my new Moderator superpowers is the ability to see Email addresses so there's no need to PM me unless you want to specify a different Email address than the one has for you. BTW, like last time I gave the summer months to members that submitted the highest quality images by MB, Cheatah took July easily with a whopping 7MB image! Then as luck would have it I had to scale the image because he had two cars but WOW what a camera!
  15. What led to having to replace the entire assembly?