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  1. If it saves us a few bucks to not go aftermarket then I'm a yes. I usually like the sound from stock units unless I'm doing some massive sound system.
  2. Awesome! Must sticky this! Seems fairly simple to do. Think I will be doing this on Monday.
  3. Yes, a write up would be great! Can't wait to try it out! What ga. wire did you use? And what plug did you use?
  4. Been wanting to run a 3.5mm jack on my Monsoon radio to play my mp3 player. I've been reading up on how to do it and so far this is what I have gathered. So basically, all you really need to do is splice into the channel and ground wires on the tape deck to send the audio and keep a cassette in the deck to allow for switching and powering the tape deck, right? If so, which wire is which?? I haven't pulled the radio out yet so I haven't seen what to do. I have a Monsoon (as stated), so it has a source switch button and I won't need to put a toggle switch on to change from radio to the tape/aux correct??
  5. Was my thought too but I took my small pry bar and twisted the gears and they all went up and down.
  6. Here's he deal. Rear windows go down, fronts won't go down. Swapped motors front to back, same thing. So, motors work. Tore the master switch apart, cleaned and replacement ed swithes with scrap yard part, still nothing and now left rear only goes down. Haven't tested volatages b/c I left meter a parent's house. Checked wire diagram in book to see routing and fuse locations. Just a breaker. Any ideas???
  7. Oh took me half HR 45 mins to do. WELL worth it
  8. All I did with mine was take a hairdryer, turn it to high, heated the glue real good, took a pair of pliers to the clip and GENTLY twisted them out. Cleanedthe glass. Then placed a thin bead of rtv on the lock plate of the 9005/9006 bulb, put the bulb in and added a little extra rtv around the bulb and glass. Put the housing face down over night (about 12 hrs) and voila Silverstar Gold Cutty lights. Seal never went bad either
  9. Planning on doing some work when i get them. Polishing up the lip, painting the whole lace pattern the gray that the bottom part of the car is, masking all that off, cutting out the holes to the lacing and then spraying those out the dark torreador red the rest of the car is.
  10. I think it's gonna look sweet. Think I'll do a color match to my car instead of the typical black paint job everyone else does.
  11. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME THEN! Hopefully the yard still has them. They're gonna look killer on the Regal when I get them painted how I want them.
  12. Well, light was off all day yesterday. Go figure. I noticed it on the way to work before I posted this. Probably will stay off for the next several miles until it wants to go off. Put the cleaner in, gonna clean the MAF and spray every hose, insertion point, and any possible leak point on the top end. Hope I can find something. Hit every base I can. And now the exhaust sounds plugged or blocked. Oh well, I got a do to help remedy that. Just need a 3in gasket to bring it together. Just want to find he previous owner and whack them over the head. They must not know a damn thing about routine basic maintenance of a car.
  13. I think I'll go with the Techron and a MAF cleaning. Time for an oil change while I'm at it.
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