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  1. The panel from the 1990 model looks different because it mates with the Delco-Loc cassette players with the graphic equalizer of the same year. The "MUTE" button will unlock the radio if necessary. The 1992-93 panels are different in appearance simply due to revision of the part, and their "MUTE" button will not unlock the Delco-Loc cassette player. All of the CD players of the era were Delco-Loc II (user-entered code).
  2. Does the VFD (clock) dim properly on that model when you dim the interior lights? I'm just curious because I know GM used pulse width modulation to dim the VFDs in the W-bodies. If you put a radio in with a rheostat dimming circuit for the clock display, it will blink at varying rates depending on the intensity of the interior dimming. That radio looks like it came from a Firebird or maybe a Bonneville, that's why I ask.
  3. I do believe the 97 LeSabre radio will be double DIN and have a 32-pin connector in the back, but any similar head unit should work just fine. Buick had some nice cassette/CD combo units then.
  4. I believe Matt is correct. The E&C protocol is different between 1993 and 1994. The 93 model years used the optical slip ring in the steering column and used data pulses to control the radio. The 94 models used differing voltage levels and no slip ring because of the airbag. The 94 radio volume is the only thing that will work because the CDM tuner box on the top of the radio will still respond to some old E&C protocol commands.
  5. I have a factory Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme CD player with mounting bracket. It is a rebuildable core.
  6. The later style head units will not respond to the steering wheel controls in a 1992 Grand Prix at all. Newer (94+) radios are 2001 Series "family radios" that respond to different voltage levels. 2000 Series radios (93 and older) respond to E&C data pulses on the data bus.
  7. The entire dash pad has to be removed. There are 2 bolts underneath the instrument cluster hood and there is one inside the glove box that's recessed up inside a hole. The bolts are all 7mm. Once you remove the bolts, lift up firmly on the dash pad and pull it toward you. NOTE: If your car has a heads up display, there are additional steps to this.
  8. There is a Bluetooth wireless cassette adapter that pairs with your phone. It works great. I use it in my Beretta.
  9. I'd take the door panels off and check the wiring at the speakers.
  10. Under normal operation in the 6-speaker Grand Prixs, that amplifier only powers the door speakers. I'm not quite sure what sort of bandpass it produces, if any. The speakers sound like midranges to me. I bypassed mine for my Firebird Monsoon amplifier retrofit.
  11. By "subamp," do you mean the small amplifier under the radio?
  12. It looks like it was amateur hour!
  13. Correct...that is only in the STE sedan models.
  14. The heroin addicts around here steal $80 Wal-Mart radios. It's sad.
  15. One more thing...aftermarket radios instantly make your car a target for theft and vandalism.
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