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  1. Oh it is on a 3.4 engine....
  2. Finally found some time to wipe down the engine bay and of course I find an unplugged wire (over aggressive cleaning?) Any help in locating where the wire plugs into would be greatly appreciated. It is located on the driver side back by the fire wall. Thanks
  3. I load up as much refrigerant as I can at the beginning of summer to hit the high 40psi. I haven't revved the engine while measuring the psi in the system.
  4. How did you replace the velcro at the rear of the car. Mine is stitched in.
  5. I would check the fluid first then relays. Then motor. Found my motor on ebay as well.
  6. I feel your pain... I just had a lot of that stuff replaced, I am lucky that I have a family member who owns a body restoration shop. The windshield rubber was replaced with rubber from a town and country van, it matched up the best from the samples we found. I think I paid ten bucks for it. I used a mod found in the forum for the back windows. It worked pretty well. A little modification was needed but now they look great. I had the top replaced by an old timer a few years back. I was told it was a bear to do so I took it to a retired professional. Should have had the convertible top motor replaced when the top was being replaced, the motor crapped out two years ago and it was a pain to replace. I am also lucky my wife actually likes the car so all the money I have sunk into the car isn't used against me (yet). Oh and the brakes on my vert are pretty weak, I had the master cylinder/pads/rotors/lines replaced and bled and re-bled and they still are weak. Haven't replaced the booster yet....
  7. I put on a pair of Dynaflows. They had a muffler with flaps on the intake that lessened the drone. I had first put on a pair of Magnaflows and the drone was deadly. I also put on a set if SS Magnaflow dual tips and I think it looks pretty nice... I ended up with an extra set of them so I would be more than happy to sell them at a discount
  8. YAY! Thanks for the info. BTW I just put the convertible back on the road. It has been about 2 years since I driven it more than a couple of miles. Completely re-did the underneath, replaced the fuel lines, gas tank, brake lines and removed about hundred pounds of rust from everything else under there and then coated the entire bottom. Replaced the rear window moldings, got the interior lights working, fixed the windshield molding and replaced the antenna. Hopefully that keeps her on the road for a few more years. While she isn't 1969 Cutlass, I see more of them on the road than I do my 1995
  9. See attached picture. The connector comes out of the wires containing MAS and air intake connectors so my guess it has something to do with the air intake system.
  10. Grrr, so I notice after I finished up topping off the Freon (getting to need the a/c now) that I might have pulled out a connector. It is connector PED 19 and for the life of me, I can't seem to figure out where it goes. The MAS connectors look right, so I am not sure where this goes. I have the 3.4l engine. Any help would be appreciated.
  11. Mine would do the same thing, it would kind a stall going up and if you gave it a little help, it would go up. Mine was just low on fluid. Once filled, the top goes up just fine.
  12. Been busy and haven't had time to diagnose, but will try the DME Relay test next weekend.
  13. I am also having the same issue, my vert (3.4) starts up cold every time without a hitch. It is when I have driven it for a while and turn it off and restart it after a few minutes it just doesn't want to start up. If I catch it on the first turn I can usually coach it and eventually (a couple of minutes) the engine calms down (miss firing) and I can drive away. If I don't, then it just turns over and I can't get it to start. ERG valve? Thanks for the help, this car has been a load of fun to drive over the last couple of years but the 3.4 engine is gonna make me shoot the car at some point.
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