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  1. Leadfoot

    94 CS AC Questions

    I jumped the relay and the compressor engaged. No cold air. I tried using the needle across the green and black wires coming from the compressor (didn't see red/black) and got 0v. When looking on Rockauto I see 2 switches listed. Is there a simple way to figure out which one I have?
  2. Way to stick with it. This will be great once its done. Post a vid when you get it out and run it.
  3. Leadfoot

    4T60E Shifting Issue: 95 Cutlass Supreme

    I hope it's just the solenoid. That would be far better. Keep us posted.
  4. Leadfoot

    94 CS AC Questions

    I have several multimeters so I am good there.
  5. Leadfoot

    94 CS AC Questions

    Ok, other than jumping the relay, how would I test the swtich? I need to hook them up and check. I only had about 20 minutes before I knew my daughter would be waking up so I just ran out and jumped the relay to see if it kicked on and if the air got cold.
  6. Leadfoot

    94 CS AC Questions

    Bit of a long story. Noticed in June as it really starts heating up here in TX that the AC wasn't cooling as much as it should be. Wife was due with out first child in early July so I was a bit preoccupied. I did hook gauges up and find it was low on freon. Went to add some freon towards the end of July. That went fine except the high side valve would not shut completely when finished and removing gauges. (seen this before so not shocked, just irritated). All freon leaked out. Decided to order new high side/Low side ports, orings, and dryer. Replaced those and vacuumed the system down. Went to add freon. Did not notice until halfway into this that the compressor was not running. Finished charging and the compressor still doesn't cycle on. Was busy with the baby so another week or so went by. Had a chance to look at it and everything seemed fine, but no compressor cycling. I removed the relay and put power to cycle the compressor and it does run, but the air still isn't getting cold. I guess it's possible something is still leaking and the freon leaked out. However, It seems there is still something wrong keeping the compressor from cycling. I am trying to rack my brain for what could be causing that. I am in a bit of a fog with a newborn and feel like I might be missing the obvious. Anyone else encountered this?
  7. Leadfoot

    4T60E Shifting Issue: 95 Cutlass Supreme

    Does anyone local to you have a tech2 or other tool to help see what might be going on? When is the last time it was serviced? Is anything else strange going on with the car?
  8. Leadfoot


    I haven't had awful experiences either, but have had a couple issues as of late. One part was wrong (their catalog had the wrong part listed for the car). I got in touch about returning it. It wasn't expensive, but they were difficult because my return didn't fit their standard reason for return (I was surprised this was the reason I was given). It ended up being enough hassle it has certainly something I keep in mind when ordering more expensive parts.
  9. Leadfoot

    Best-sounding mufflers for a 3.1/3100?

    I will admit I put a magnaflow on my 3100 CS back in 01. It has been replaced once under warranty and needs to be replaced again, but they shop won't play ball. It sounds OK at best. Every time I hear one with a walker replacement it makes me cringe and I am not paying for an OEM. Not sure what the solution is. I can't say I have heard one that really sounds great. I think if I wasn't selling the car in the near future I would consider adding another resonator and stay with the magnaflow.
  10. Leadfoot

    Speaker recommendations

    Yep. I used to see people that had 200W or more 6X9's running off their head unit and talk about how awesome they sound. When I would hear them pull up all I could hear was distortion and clipping, but they swore it sounded great. Shortly after they would all complain they were blown. Even when working right they didn't sound great because they were underpowered.
  11. Leadfoot

    Speaker recommendations

    The best advice I can give is to get speakers that are efficient. When I used to install stereos people would pick speakers because they handle 200W! However, only running 50W they didn't always sound good. However a nice quality pair of the same size speaker that is rated for 75W sounded much better on the 50W being delivered. Also keep in mind your head unit output is overrated. Your head unit will likely never put out the 55W peak it is rated at. I would doubt 20W rms is even good, but not too far off. Just remember these things when looking at speakers. Also, I have never seen a speaker blown from too much power. It was always from clipping and distortion from people turning things up too loud. This is more of a problem when the speaker is underpowered. I would not be concerned with overpowering a speaker. I personally like Infinity speakers. I have also had some Polk that were really nice as well. A good clean balanced sound. I was never a fan of JBL. Their highs always seemed harsh and too "bright" and had to adjust amplifiers and equalizers to try and tone that down. Alpine aren't bad either, but I have never personally had a set in my vehicle. Much of this is personal preference. Go to a car audio store and use their demo setups. See if you can listen to some speakers that are connected to a headunit with similar power output as yours and no amplifier. See what you think of the sound. What you like is what matters. If there is an amplifier used the speakers will sound different than just off of a head unit.
  12. Not on a Cutlass, but on my Jeep I have. I got the thread from an auto interior place and the needles needed. It was an old top and I have just enough sewing experience to pull off sewing the seams back up. If you don't have much experience sewing, I would call some auto interior shops and ask if it is something they can do and how much for. If not the material and some youtube videos should produce decent results.
  13. Leadfoot

    New from TX

    Man, I am a stros fan, but that was rough. Staying up late watching the long games and trying to function the next day. Absolutely worth it though. Where in TX are you located?
  14. Leadfoot

    New from TX

    Welcome from Houston.
  15. Leadfoot

    Real bad gas milage

    The extended crank and rough running initially points to something wrong. That may or may not cause mileage as bad as your son is seeing. His right foot might be part of that problem. I would check fuel pressure.