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  1. 95pghvert

    3.4L help

    How does one bleed the system the right way?....Any info would help as im pretty clueless...
  2. 95pghvert

    3.4L help

    Okay i changed my water pump today put everything back together, Now there is coolant bubbling up in the jug, and water seems to be cooking in the front 3 spark plug holes, Im assuming headgasket?...
  3. On my way home today my gauges died in my cutty...If u have the lights on it dings as if the car was off and the lights was left on...My turn signals work but nothing else on the dash does...Help please!
  4. 1g3wt32x8sd343468 is my blue cutlass that just met her maker to the junk yard was a 95 cutty blue body,white interor,white top, 1g3wt32x7sd304659 is my white 95 cutlass white interor black top....Thought id share these numbers for the list
  5. Does anyone have photos or tips on doing a starter on a 3.4L...It seems to be a pain thus far...Wish i could pay someone to do it lol
  6. Yes it used to have an aftermarket alarm system in it, But the key thing was lost, So a friend of mine took out what he could find of the alarm...Some how i think this was wrong?....Is there anything i can do to correct it?? Also its running great i got the smoking issue fixed ( was a wire laying on the engine i forgot to put back in place) it idles rough a little but thats because the EGR valve is goofy, theres suppost to be a metal hose looking thing attached to the bottom of it and it looks like it leads down in the engine comp, But its missing on my white car, And the mechanic says that hose thing needs replaced, ( my parts car has this hose thing on it is it easy to take off and reattach? he said once i replace that it will be perfect and my check engine light will be gone
  7. So my 2 side brake lights dont work, Only the middle one near the top works....Also sometimes when i try to put my windows down it makes a click click click noise from somewhere in the dash near the radio, But if i open the driver door and put the windows down when it clicks it works,After awhile they eventually work... and sometimes out of the blue the windows will go down all by them self. Not sure if anyone else ever encountered any of this, But i def need some help for sure!
  8. Happy to announce that it was my EGR valve, And a few sensors, Nothing major, My cutlass is back to running normal, Well as normal as a 3.4L can get ( im still not used to this engine, i am more fond of the 3800 series2 that was in both of the lumina LTZs i owned).....Are there any meetings planned anytime soon it would be nice to meet up with other gearheads, Even if you dont gota cutty convertible
  9. Changed the plugs again, It ran great for 2 days now its back to running rough n crap...The check engine light is still on , But every place i take it too says they cant check the checkengine light because the car is too old
  10. lol it smells real rich smelling and does it for a very long time, More than normal...Will def check the other stuff again, Thanks for the advise
  11. Yup...theres white smoke coming from the pipes when i first start it it eventually goes away, driving it around though it runs rough and smells of exaust at times...Im afraid to drive it!...Looks like it will be going back to the shop just again, looks like this summer i wont be enjoying it if this keeps up
  12. I connected a strap to the engine after i parked it on the ramps and loosened the dogbone, connected the strap to my jeep and pulled it did the trick...Got the wires in with no problems, it started up and ran real well untill i got on the highway, it started to spit n puke, I wonder if the bit of water down in the thing would cause that
  13. and im guessing to get it back to its desired spot you just drive it forwards and line the dogbone back up?....I didnt know it was so easy! i hope it goes this easy in the morning LOL thanks guys!
  14. im having a hell of a time with the rear plug wires on my cutty...i got her back today and changed them but now it runs and spits n pukes, Iam thinking i didnt get the plug wires all the way down on the plug....So basically you disconnect the dog bone and it will rock forwards? Iam afraid of doing that but is it just that simple ( im no where near a mechanic is why i ask) i just like trying things first before i pay someone to do it
  15. so i got the pump off pretty easy...but the lines are like impossible to get off...the return line which im not even sure to replace...but the pressure line looks terrible to get to i cant get my fat fingers to it! any info or tips how to get to it...thanks
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