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  1. both the L67 and Lq1 are worthless the only motor that was good in the w-bodies was the 3.1 it took awahile to realize it but its true once you leave the 3.1L you say damn i wish i had that motor back, also of the same caliber of a motor the 2.8L yeah i know brian was right by sending in the link of the boat anchor cause both the 3.8L and 3.4L are they are heavyer then they are worth. with a few mods the 3.1L will walk past a 3.8L sc this is comming from a former monte z34 owner and lumina euro(3.1L thank god oh yeah its still here in my posission) PLEASE GIVE THE 3.8L and 3.4L a rest let them die like they where suposed to you kids and you motor porno! not everyone likes that kind of porno
  2. guess you dont want it?
  3. i have one for a cutlass i will sell ya, 20 + shipping i paid 25 for it on ebay i never used it , its a wolf bra (brian had one too as i recall) its HEAVY as hell awsome quility its brand new never used
  4. bumping z34

    Torch Red

    my 95 monte is/was torch red i no longer own that 3.4 dohc bitch
  5. dude look at the chevy , i got a 03 s-10 with the 4.3L its great
  6. my truck might be slow but not as slow as the 3.4 DOHC was/is yes i have 180hp but i have 245tq and ill tell you what the 3.4dohc has 210/215 hp at the crank at the wheels its more like 180-170 this has been proven to me and to a few over at the mymonte board just ask around people driving the 3.4dohc have really big heads to what is on the paper in front of them however ask them to race and they will back down, my truck has the 180 going to the ground and the tq to prove it granted its under powered but let me ask you this, whats the aftermarket look like for it????? there is a ton of stuff out there for it! modder heaven last laugh
  7. with in 4 months of owning the dohc i replaced the intake gaskets at around 70K , 4 months later (even though not running it started leaking oil all over again from the same damn spot ,,, the intake gasket the gasket was put in by a GM dealership they also said that the oil pump o-ring was getting ready to go too , i had a guy walk out infront of me so insted of hitting him i took the ditch and totlaed the trans then i replaced it and the trans went again , and again another oil leak pops up so i said piss on the dohc and went to a push rod 4.3L and i have better hp and tq now
  8. ok talking shit about the 3.4DOHC (more like the 3.4DONT) is because i just finally got rid of mine and i would not recamend it to anyone with a brain, yes i will give it props that when and if working right it has good HP but only after the 4K rpm line and up, if you like replacing the oil pump driver seal and the intake gaskets every other month and a 900 buck alt bill then have at it , its your money and all just NORMAL people that like to drive their car and not use them as lawn ortiments, in the 9 months of living in the dark with a 3.4L DOHC i was so misrible i ignored firends that helped me out of a monster jam and even stabed on in the back but i came to the like when i traded in and got a S-10 with a 4.3L (i still have the 90 lumina also) so if you dont like us bashing motors that are for the most part waste of space i would suggest this,,, build a bridge and get over it
  9. who ever that cock sucker DNA is/was he needs to die
  10. wish i had 4 wheel disk brakes on my monte lol i have front disk and rear drum on my z34
  11. snake com to its for US monte owners and Lumina owners also hey do you still have that parts car????
  12. i dont know my uncle just got a 03 monte SS midnight blue with tinted windows and leather seats (heated) has all the options you can think of i mean ALL the options including a DIC!
  13. dude the only montes that got the ss option where the LS's that the dealership added on to it was a add on option from the dealer, there was never a production 95 monte ss the only ss was 2000 and up and the lumina's that have the monte front and rear are teh lumina LTZ edition
  14. man im telling you these guys dont have much expperance with montes here over at youll get all the information you ever wanted its for 95-99 montes and lumina's
  15. hay man come join us at we have a speedhut guage group buy and a A-piller group buy going on so its all good well get you hooked up
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