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  1. Hey guys, its been a long time since I last posted. The old prix has around 188,000 miles on it now, but is still running well. I had been getting alot of bumping and popping noises coming from the passenger front suspension. So far I have replaced the struts on warrantee, the lower ball joint and the cv shaft as i ripped it apart getting the ball joint off. anyway now all that is back together and thier is no more popping or thunks. The proplem is I now have an high pitched squeel happenning during normal and high excelleration. It sounds like the warning squeekers on a brake pad but the pads on the front are brand new and are clear of the rotor. Any ideas what could be making such a noise? I've taken it apart three times now and there is nothing that isn't tight and nothing seems to have any rubbing or wear marks on it. Thanks guys.
  2. Thanks! I searched the board but nothing came up.
  3. Hey guys long time no post. I have been having lots of problems starting my car lately and have traced it back to the lock & tumbler. The key easily slides out when I turn it. I also get the SECURITY idiot light randomly when I drive. I have no interest in the security resistor in the key and would prefer not to even have it. Can I just replace the L&T with a standard on with no extra security features? If so will I need to override the existing circuit? Thanks
  4. ok well the injectors were all fine when my stepdad checked them during the rebuild but its possible one freaked - it just doesn't seem like that though. The mechanics only guess was that it was the ignition module and my parts guy came to the same conclusion without even suggesting it. I was wondering what you guys thought of this and if there is any way to test the module. Thanks
  5. forgot to mention the fuel filter was just replaced yesterday. Also if the FPR was not working then my pressure reading would be off wouldnt it?
  6. So after 2 hours of testing and messing around with my damn car the mechanic ruled out the fuel pump but doesnt have a clue what the problem is but my fuel pressure is 39-40psi Anyhow, does anyone have a clue as to what this might be. The car stutters and almost dies whenever you push on the gas even a little bit. it will do this from a standstill or at highway speed (if you can get it going that fast). If you are coasting or if you let off the gas it will run smoothly again. Sometimes I hate my car
  7. so how do you get at the front bolt under the exhast pipe heat shield?
  8. so whats the trick and whose brilliant idea was it to put the strap mount bolts underneath the rear leaf spring and exaust pipe? Does anyone have the procedure to remove this damn thing
  9. I have replaced all the above when the pump was put in. The pump is less than a year old but i have been running on empty alot lately and that probably caused this. Last time the pump just stopped working completely instead of being a pain in the ass like this one. The injectors were working well when the engine was rebuilt and the fuel pressure was OK then. Are there any tricks to removing the pump and tank i should be aware of? Last time the mechanic did it for me. If there is anything floating in the tank what is the best way to remove it?
  10. Ok so ever since I got the new motor my car has been running great, but today it returned to its old ways. Whenever I accellerate,the beast hesitates,and almost seems to die - but hasnt - yet. It seems obvious that it would be the fuel pump is not keeping pressure up (maybe the regulator) but the pump was just replaced so i was wondering what other things might cause this symptom. Thanks Guys
  11. I know at one time i was able to find directions as to how to replace the rear struts without using the compresion tool for the leaf spring. However i cannot find it anywhere. If i remember correctly it was posted on wbodyperformance but cant find it. If anybody remembers where it is or knows the procedure id be glad to have it Thanks
  12. As far as i can tell it is absolutely necessary. You can get one at any auto zone or CSK Auto. CSK's is not the highest quality.
  13. well it turns out that the strut shaft nut does not tighten all the way against the strut bushing on the sensa-tracs causing some play between them over bumps. a couple washers fixed the problem. It drives great now! Thanks for all the responses! Tomarrow i will begin installing the rears. Any tips and tricks?
  14. Ok well i just got done installing my monroe sensa-track struts on the front end and now the problems have gotten worse. Although the ride quality has greatly improved the car is now reciting impresions of a rock tumbler as i drive down the road. Every bump i hit is accompanied by clunks galore Im tired and to pissed to think straight so i wondered if anybody had any ideas. This was the procedure 1. remove strut cover cap 2. remove shaft retainer bolt 3. remove bushing 4. remove jounce cushion 5. loosen strut with extra-nifty special tool 6. suck out most of the oil 7. drop in new strut 8. tighten down new retainer bracket 9. replace jounce cushion 10. replace bushing 11. replace retainer bolt 12. replace strut cover cap I would like as many ideas as possible before i remove them again. The hex key on the top of the shaft is stripped on both struts from having a shitty instla kit with lousy tools and this makes removing and replacing them difficult.
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