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  1. ss427

    5 speed swap

    I’ve never had that coolant temp sensor go bad. I always reuse the one that is in there if it is working.
  2. Hi James, it’s in excellent condition. No cracks or dry spots. Came from a low mile car. I will send you a private message. Steve
  3. From what I recall the console plate is universal, with a different insert for auto or manual. The insert is plastic welded in, and should be able to be swapped out if done carefully.
  4. Does anybody know who ended up with the new 284 rebuild kit that was for sale years ago on 60degreev6? I seem to recall it on eBay at one time many years ago, but at the time it was out of my price range.
  5. Here are some pictures out of the 92 Olds manual. Sorry about them being sideways. The manual has complete disassembly and reassembly instructions. All the J tools should be obtainable, with the exception of that assembly pallet, which I’ve never found or even seen in 10 years of looking. Not sure how crucial that is to doing the actual assembly. It looks like it holds all the gear clusters in position for installation into the case half.
  6. I have 5-6 in various condition. I'm pretty sure at least two of them have a good 2nd gear, if that's all you're concerned with.
  7. Just a suggestion here. Could the powers that be consider making a page in the specialty forums for everything manual transmission related? I think there is enough interest on here to justify a dedicated spot on this website for swaps, troubleshooting, and everything in between.
  8. ss427

    5 speed swap

    The 1992 service manual is far better than the 91 from what I recall, as far as 284 stuff goes. The parts books also have some decent drawings of the mounts, but they're just simple illustrations. I can text or email you any detail you shots you need of how stuff goes together. I have a few 284 cars sitting here. Hopefully it will be a pretty easy install. Was the transaxle mount in good condition? They break a lot.
  9. ss427

    5 speed swap

    I have a bunch of small parts from parting of these cars out. If you were unable to remove everything yourself, you will find that some things will be left behind. A few pieces to consider, forward console bracket, console shifter plate/boot, orange shifter Cable firewall grommet/retainer, underwood wiring, transaxle vent tube/hose. Also the steering column, as I'm not sure the automatic column has the lockout button on the ignition lock cylinder. Also, order a pair of urethane booger bushings for your shifter cable ends. You only need two. They are a direct replacement for the failure prone rubber ones GM used.
  10. ss427

    5 speed swap

    I have 6 284s but some of them have bad synchros and some I do not know the history on.I have one that definitely has good synchros in all 5 speeds and reverse, though I recall 3rd would make a slight grind on a high RPM shift. The case halves also have to be resealed. It's a pretty compact transaxle with the intermediate shaft removed, just heavy. I have three Lumina 5 speed shifters and three sets of mounts, wiring harness and computer, but I don't think I have both shift cables, likely only the select. I'll send you a message when I figure out exactly what I have.
  11. ss427

    5 speed swap

    I probably have enough parts to make up a nearly complete 284 swap, including a 284. Not sure on the pedals though and I don't have any GP shifters.
  12. The whole setup is different between a 282 and a 284. You need to find one or the other, but being a 91 GTP which has an LQ1 I would strongly suggest you find a 284 donor vehicle. The 282 will work but the 284 is much better suited for that engine, afterall GM engineered the two to work together.
  13. Sorry, I just realized you need the latch, not the handle.
  14. You're probably not going to find any aftermarket weatherstrip for these cars. You may find an occasional NOS piece from old dealer stock, but your best bet is going to be a junkyard car. There is no market for the major weatherstrip companies to manufacture reproduction stuff for these cars.
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