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  1. rich_e777 Southern meetup 2019

    As useful as that last big update was.....I still have yet to learn to navigate this site as good as I used to. That being said Ive not had any notifications on this thread and sort of forgot about it. If you guys interested in meeting up in the South lets shoot for a late summer/early fall date as May is coming up awful quick. I`m still going to be at the car show that weekend so of course any W-bodiers are welcome but if a later confirmed date= more people/cars. To be honest I`ve not put together a large event and not really sure what you guys expect of the planning. I`m good hanging around a parking lot of cars/tools/grille/cooler full o beer all at once but i realize some of the more refined people might have actual standards. Talking about the wives here guys, you know we could survive on MREs and a portojohn. Big thanks to MemphisMan for the map!
  2. rich_e777

    I still lurk :-)

    Still here since `08 y`all crazy sumbitches aint gittin rid of this crazy sumbitch. I still haz W`s to complete. Praise be to Zeus or whatever I didnt end up with a 02 Eclipse as a first car or I`d be somewhere else now.
  3. rich_e777

    New to the site!

    I`ve heard of a fair family owned collision shop that does excellent work I want to take my 1994 to before deciding to pull the plug. Thats not to say I wouldnt jump to save one in really nice condition for a good price either, I do sort of need just a economical DD for when my truck needs a rest repair and a low mileage well maintained 3100 does fairly well.
  4. If you were closer I`d be interested in it for the parts, that looks like a really nice interior and dash and alot of other nice looking trim pieces and etc that cannot be found anywhere.
  5. rich_e777

    Z34 swag

    Check out Ebay, i got some cool GTP stuff there to hang on the wall one day.
  6. rich_e777

    New to the site!

    It`d probably be better to say what you`re looking for, i know Ive got a spare front strut tower brace from a Vert, possibly some hood vents with drip pans, lots of none CS stuff that was going to be/maybe turned into CS stuff.
  7. rich_e777

    New to the site!

    I lucked up on a grey one from a GP years ago but they have different switches and cables than the CS, but then I seem to recall buying one from someone here as well. I really need to drag everything out and take inventory, ive got to much duplicate stuff I should sell.........or buy additional cars for the parts to go on.
  8. Dude save your money, ive got 3-4 Cutlass front tower braces Ive collected over the years. PM me if you want one, they all could use a good painting though. The one in the link reads as if its for the 2nd gen GP that was started up in `97. Maybe a few made it out in 1996?
  9. rich_e777

    92 CUTLASS CONVT tail lights

    If you are swapping to non-lipped tail lights the reverse bar will stick out like little bat ears,you can sand these off to make it look right though.
  10. rich_e777

    Cutlass Convertible Top Frame Parts...and Car?

    Aside from the bad tranny, whats else is wrong or missing on the red 1993 Vert?
  11. rich_e777

    Junk Yard Thread, Never ending

    Theres always tons of Cadillacs in the JY from the mid 90`s to about 05-06. Would make finding parts and keeping up a really nice car alot easier. I`d love just about any of them save for a Catera or Escalade. That Fleetwood...Poor thing.
  12. rich_e777 Southern meetup 2019

    Weather in May here can be hit or miss, kind of like April. It does stay warmer for longer in the year in these parts so we can always have one in the Fall if that time of year would be better. I`m going to the car show in the Vert regardless of any plan we have here.
  13. rich_e777 Southern meetup 2019

    Well since I mentioned it I feel I should start the thread to share thoughts and ideas, but foremost I dont want to plan anything near the date of or close to the actual 2019 W-body meet up most of the guy do up north in case some of you crazy Canucks want to venture this far south, ya`ll more than welcome of course. I`d love to be able to make it up north but I really cannot justify a 12-14 hour drive to hang out for a few hours and then drive back. Well until the Vert 100% aligned anyways the coupe has an overheating issue on long drives. Theres a few members that expressed some interest in a more southern location so lets see what ideas we might come up with. If the schedule were wide open I`d recommend Nashville TN on the weekend of May 3rd-5th only because that the huge GoodGuys car show and If we rolled up in a convoy we`d definitely get some attention from the classic car community . Some of you guys have been through before and can vouch for the tourist attractions and restaurants, as a lifetime local I know several awesome places, several JYs around, a weird car museum, Nashville speedway might let us on their track for a few laps, lots of parking at my place for a gathering around the bonfire/cooler/grill or can always hang out at the lake doing the same thing. I dont mind if we choose a more centralized locale for everyone, just tossing the idea out there.
  14. rich_e777

    W-body Nationals June 2019

    Hey guys do ya`ll have a set date? I`d like to get a southern meet planned but I dont want to make it close to the one you guys are planning. No way I could make that trip up north in either W-body this year but I`m really tempted to fly in just to hang out with ya`ll.
  15. rich_e777

    Body molding clips

    Thats the thing I had in mind, I was sure I had several but still looking. Theyre yours as soon as I can find them for whatever shipping would be.