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  1. Ha— sorry if you didn’t like last years, but I’m sure I beat Shutterfly in price didn’t I? In any case sorry I’m late to the game and didn’t let you know sooner that I wasn’t able to make them this year. Glad you’re all keeping this going. ps - a couple people have messaged me to order... again, I’m not making them this year. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Hey I don't see any PM from you in my mailbox... message me and we'll figure it out.
  3. Update: After Nas Escobar's order, I only have (1) $10 version left!
  4. Hey all - glad you're getting them and like them! I didn't see that a few people posted orders in here, so let me make sure on my counts and i'll PM you.
  5. Any new orders? All who ordered have been shipped
  6. The calendar is already done and printed for 2018... sorry!
  7. Quanity updates: 8 (28 lb) Calendars available = $12.50 shipped 3 (20 lb) Calendars available = $10 shipped
  8. Ordering is open! Please PM me with Address and Quantity, and whether you want the normal or "cheaper" version-- I will respond with my paypal address so that I can keep track of when the $10 version is sold out. Please stick to the quantity you originally posted, and then when this list is run out, I'll see if I'm able to do another print run. Any questions please let me know. Hope you like them, and if you don't... you can fire me next year
  9. FYI - I've got 12 printed on the better quality paper, and accidentally printed 3 on regular paper because the stupid printed decided to be stupid. Since I hate wasting, I wonder if anyone would be interested in the regular paper versions for a couple bucks less, IE: Quantity 12 (28 lb paper) = $12.50 shipped Quantity 3 (20 lb paper) = $10 shipped I'll open up ordering this evening. If nobody wants the 20 lb version, I'll have to print a few more.
  10. Yeah - I did my best... but of course it’s not professionally done- if I can cut the cost further I will Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Hi again- I got a bunch printed today, so right after Xmas I should be able to take payments and ship. Is $12.50 shipped reasonable? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Hey Guys sorry I've been MIA - crazy with work and then got sick back-to-back. Damn daycare. I'm putting it together, and will figure out pricing. It will be inexpensive. Any idea on what it cost (all in shipped) last year? want to make sure I undercut that by a good deal before I buy the paper etc. Keep me posted with quantity.
  13. Looking forward to this! I'll add more details when we get further along, but the gist of it is: Once we receive all the images, I will lay out the calendar in InDesign. Any dates & whatnot should be no problem to add. I'll determine my cost + shipping and update the thread with pricing/ordering. Again, this won't be quite Snapfish (or pick your site) quality, but I think you'll be more than happy with it, and save quite a few $$$. If anybody has one of the mymonte calendars I made many moons ago, it will be same or better quality. I'm planning to use supplies I currently have (plastic coil bind and acetate covers), but if people have desire to up the quality to something like metal coil and some sort of custom cover, we could talk about what the additional costs would be. If any questions, you can always PM me. Edit - Also FU photobucket.
  14. Shouldn't take me long, if they're all selected by early November that should give plenty of time in case stuff starts to hectic with holidays etc We could start to talk logistics closer to then Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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