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  1. I won't be able to make most July weekends, and don't have a w-body, so feel free to disregard my comments... picking the weekend of July 4th can be a double-edge sword. It is good because people may have off for the 4th, so it may be less time off for people. On the flip side, hotel/motels may be more expensive, and many people may already have plans for that weekend. Also, you have one person above who did chime in:
  2. One Book, good used shape. Best offer takes it. Shipping is ~$5 I believe. No pictures. I am beginning to seriously unload the remaining parts I have that do not go to a car I currently own. Looking to scale back my stuff, and focus only on a couple small hobbies, rather than everything. Each thing I list will have a date on it. I am open to an offer on everything, and if it is not listed with a price, that means you can make an offer, but be willing to pay if I accept. Anything that is still here 4 weeks after the date listed will be trashed or donated.
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