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  1. So I noticed all the head bolt kits don't include the Front corner bolt that has a threaded head for the front motor mount ?? I find that amazing that felpro kits don't have this bolt. what do you guys do ?
  2. sorry to hi jack .... you ran 12s? whats done to it ?
  3. I expected some sorta flack ... I thought I was getting it early . I've learned over the years you cant get attached to every dam car out there, I want as much as the next W-body guy to see it live on but as you all know , w-body guys are far and few in between now a days... hence me posting here .
  4. Ease up Psycho matt , I already saved this car , it was going to be a block , Crushed Its my buddys car , parked at MY shop because I saved it from doom . I have my hands on it as of right now . Yes I have a title for the car . I WILL SELL CAR WHOLE OR PART OUT . I HAVE A LOT GOING ON , MANY BUILDS IN PROCESS PLEASE CALL AND BE SERIOUS . LOGGING INTO W-BODY IS VERY VERY DIFFICULT FOR SOME REASON , BEST WAY TO REACH ME IS CALL 518-928-9261
  5. OK rephrase . 1988 Grand Prix . 65 K miles, clean no rust . Has low fuel pressure. I will part the car , OR , IF you are interested in the car , call 518 - 928 - 9261 BEST WAY TO REACH ME IS CALL . VERY HARD TO LOG IN W-BODY email : CAR IS LOCATED in ALBANY , NY
  6. didnt see this until now , YOU ARE THE MAN . I've also wanted to see what those wheels really look liked up close... they are the same bolt pattern correct?
  7. looks like it has nissan style comp inlet flange , t28 journal bearing is my guess
  8. My buddy has a teal 94 grand prix 4 door i've been keeping alive for him.... I can get nice 1998 Cadillac Catera rims/ tires for cheap and they look great, I know they are 5 x115 just wondering if the backspace would be ok??? Sure would like better than the fan blade hub cap / steelies. Thanks
  9. nice job ! no , the caliper / brake hose bolts will be fine , hit will a little lube first... i've never had a problem or broke one.
  10. yea im glad i had a spare set of old tgp injectors and it does run good but im still going to grab some yellow tops for it. I noticed the car starts a little better now and idles better 2 :razz:
  11. Well after new ICM/coils and CPS i decided to ohm the injectors! found two that were bad, 4.9 and 2.1! The others were 12.2-12.4, one was 12.1 but i think thats ok. So i swapped them out and the car ran perfect! I dont understand how they could have gone bad so suddenly like that!
  12. I run a seperate wideband LC1. its definately not the narrowband, my ecm will run fine without it if that was the problem, i tried unplugging sensors to notice any difference, 02, tps, knock... no difference. its not the map because no code 33. It seems the only things left are injectors and ICM. Im going to swap in a new ICM and coils to see if that fixes it. Next up will be removing the intake and ohming the injectors. It makes more sense to do both of these before i go dropping the tank... i just put 7 gallons of 93 in there i have plenty of fuel pressure but its not getting to the motor via injectors or maybe faulty ICM is preventing the injectors from pulsing? I just drove the car home a few miles from where it was parked... wouldnt go over 1/8th throttle ... 25 mph, glad its back safe at least!
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