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  1. jman093

    NOS 88-96 Grand Prix applique

    Thanks, Jiggity. Seeing that now, the Cutlass is definitely stuck with the Cutlass applique. It is the only one that is fat like that. It could still be possible for GP's, Luminas, or Regals to interchange. That's interesting the Regal one has the rubber bumper. Perhaps it makes the doors close with a slightly more appealing thud? A "luxurious" touch to the more expensive Regal? I've noticed Regals are the only W-bodies (that I've seen) to get a vibration damper on the steering column. Perhaps that piece of rubber on the applique is the same kind thing.
  2. jman093

    Good '94-96 GP fog light upgrades?

    No, sorry. I sold it several years ago now. Don't have many pics of it. Cutting one coil lowers roughly 2".
  3. jman093

    NOS 88-96 Grand Prix applique

    I really don't know. Might be worth buying a junk one at salvage for cheap first.
  4. jman093

    Good '94-96 GP fog light upgrades?

    Wheels and tires were the factory 16x7s. It had ST lowering springs in the front at the time of that picture. It looked ok, but rode like absolute garbage. I later put FE3 springs on it with one coil cut. Kept it lowered and it rode like factory. Coilovers in the rear.
  5. jman093

    Trunk leaks

    Those are the roof ditch moldings. They are not meant to seal water. Their function is as a ditch/trough to keep your front door from being a waterfall from the water running off the roof when it's raining. They do not seal. If you are certain water from there is causing your leak, it means the back glass seal is missing. You could perhaps mitigate the problem by stuffing it full of silicone or something as Imp558 said, so water the ditch sheds is directed elsewhere and the glass seal doesn't have to block as much water.
  6. jman093

    Good '94-96 GP fog light upgrades?

    Old thread, I know, but I figured I'd add that pwmin installed some sort of aftermarket foglamp assembly in a 96 GTP I bought that he had owned. They looked damn good and were substantially brighter than factory ones. I have no clue if he knows what brand those were 12 years on.
  7. jman093

    Trunk leaks

    Wish I'd seen this sooner. Very common (for Grand Prixs at least) to leak into the trunk at the taillights.
  8. jman093

    Hvac controls not illuminating on 94 Lumina

    Yeah, likely soldered in. Doesn't mean you can't unsolder the bulb(s) and solder in new.
  9. There should be oil in there. As I said in an above post. You are supposed to suck it all out and the factory style cartridges from GM blew out some new oil the first time they were used and refilling the housing. I don't think any aftermarket ones use the oil though. I think they are normal sealed shocks and should be run dry. Either way suck the oil out before installation. Those original GM ones that ran in their oil bath were different looking things.
  10. jman093

    L82 upgrade options

    You could always do a large port swap. In 2000 3100s got the larger 3400 stuff. Larger port heads, larger port intake manifolds, and larger 56mm throttle body. I did that to my brother's L82 in his 96 GP. You'd be turning your L82 into an LG8.
  11. No particular keywords. Just search for a tech 1 on ebay and craigslist. The thing to keep in mind would be the presence of a Mass Storage Cartridge (MSC). You definitely want one of those. It has the hundred other cartridges already loaded on board. With that card you can scan anything GM OBD1. You would only need other cartridges for non-GM products. You can buy a tech 1 without it and buy the MSC on eBay separately if you want (that's what I did), but ideally you'd want a Tech 1 with it already present. MSC's aren't rare on eBay, but they don't pop up for sale everyday either. MSC's need programmed, but even if it hasn't been programmed, I should be able to do that for you if you send it to me. Picture of the MSC:
  12. jman093

    Map sensor breather clip

    Not sure what you're talking about. Do you mean the retainer clip?
  13. I would also recommend anyone into GM OBD1 cars to keep an eye out for a tech 1. Unlike Tech 2's, they are generally pretty cheap, and with the mass storage cartridge, you can scan EVERYTHING for GM OBD1.
  14. jman093

    4T60E Shifting Issue: 95 Cutlass Supreme

    That shop really doesn't have any clue, but honestly trans issues are pretty hard to diagnose since most everything is impossible to get to. They said it was "all electrical was good," but could they actually explain what it was doing? When it was apparently shifts into too high a gear or whatever causes your "rpm to drop" as you describe, could they state what gear was the transmission actually in and what is the PCM commanding at that time? In any case I would bet a lot of money the TCC Solenoid is not the issue. Keep us posted.
  15. jman093

    1st Gen Lumina: 16" wheel width?

    GTP wheels weren't 7.5". All 5 spoke Grand Prix wheels were 7" whether they were on a GTP or an SE, and GTP's with crosslaces are 8" So all first gen 16" wheels are 6.5", except Grand Prix 5 spokes were 7", and Grand Prix crosslaces were 8".