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  1. Breakdown

    W-body Nationals is set up

    Shitty!! Please consider arriving Saturday for lunch if you can. Late is better than never. It's not a big deal, but if you can come, any chance that you can bring a soldering iron and just a little bit of solder?? We need some Erie representation with no Nunzi there!!
  2. Breakdown

    W-body Nationals is set up

    DISCOUNT IS ONLY VALID IF ROOMS ARE BOOKED PRIOR TO 8:00PM (EST) ON JUNE 8th. Please ensure that you're booked early for this event. Cancellation is free if outside of 24 hours prior to check-in.
  3. Breakdown

    W-body Nationals is set up

    Agenda: Friday (Jed's & meet 'n greet) Saturday: STUFF . . . . Sunday late morning: BXX Evans.
  4. Breakdown

    2018 June W-Body Meet Planning thread

    Only request if we do Cleveland area is that someone from Cleveland that knows the area where we stay or someone scouts the area that we're going to. I'm up for a change. Change can be good. I just wanna hang out with the gang.
  5. Breakdown

    2018 June W-Body Meet Planning thread

    It's a w-body meet. And not a ZZP meet.
  6. Breakdown

    2018 June W-Body Meet Planning thread

    I'm probably in. Are pants optional??
  7. Word is ZZP towards Grand Rapids if there is a meet, and it's a big if still.
  8. Breakdown


    Personally . . . . I'm completely shocked that it took this long to get us here. I have no idea how those sites were remaining profitable. Regardless, like many things in life. I'm an early adapter, I've had my own websites/webstorage for more than a decade now. If you're interested in buying, arrangements could be made where you could upload pics and such to that website. Or . . . . I just checked. somehow is available. You should register that before someone else realizes how cool you and tries to register it!
  9. Breakdown

    Rusted right rear frame rail where rear trailing arm mounts.

    Mark, It could mean more sawzall blades, but I believe that the metal is thicker gauge on the 1993 and down w-body cars. I think that 2nd Gen trailing arms are plug and play and available for very cheap on Rockauto, someone may have to confirm.
  10. We're talking GP here. Like I said, don't know about GA, and for the most part don't really care.
  11. Dude!! When did you get a van??
  12. I could be mistaken, but the tabs appear to be moulded into the window. Not sure about GA ones. I still have a passenger window in the basement that I could take a picture of. Not sure if they are really replaceable, it's more like need a new window territory.
  13. I'm a little late to the party on this one. For tires. I wouldn't really worry about tire sizes, just keep to within <4% if you go a little too small, it's not like the car will depreciate if because you're putting an extra 3% miles on it every year, and it might save your son a speeding ticket or two. I have the exact same engine in my car. 245 is a little fat for 7" rims. Just sayin'.. Perhaps I haven't really noticed piston slap on mine, exhaust note is pretty sweet. If the window is going off track it's mainly because the tabs that keep it where it belongs have worn down. Only option is replacement window. A buddy got me a great door thingy at the yard, best of luck finding an intact one. The one thing that I would really recommend is replacing the Aux post. It's a little bit of a pain, the factory one is Zinc and the GM OEM replacement is brass, let me know if you need the P/N. They tend to get nuked from the inside out and then cause a myriad of electrical gremlins, including that damn ABS light. Hopefully your son will feel lucky. Great that it's southern car. Doors are a complete mess in the cold winter months, snapping handles, door seals freezing, etc.
  14. I'll echo what Shaun stated about Darryl's work organizing this shindig, absolutely amazing. I'll also apologize for not being on the forum enough and letting people know about accomodations and such going in. Also no door prizes although it was very seldom that there were more than 8 of us together at any time. MOST IMPORTANTLY - THE HARDWARE. and it's members brought home a quartet of trophies: BEST 88-96 W-body: 1st: Addicted2bass ('89 Turbo) 2nd: Chinese Matt ('92 Z34) 3rd Non-Chinese Matt ('92 GTP) BEST CLUB REPRESENTATION. I'm going to try and get all of the names and rides correct here: 89 Grand Prix Turbo (Addicted2bass) 90 Grand Prix Turbo (GnatGoSplat's former car) 92 Lumina Z34 (White93Z34) 92 Lumina Z34 (Chinese Matt) 92 Grand Prix GTP (Non-Chinese Matt) 93 Lumina Z34 (Go4Damo) 95 Grand Prix (Breakdown) 98 Regal GS (AL) 98 Grand Prix GTP (9lumina6) 00 Grand Prix GTP (94 Olds Vert) 01 Regal GS (Digital Outsider) 01 Park Ave (DJ PAUL) 01 Monte Carlo (Imp558) 03 Grand Prix (AL) 05 Grand Prix GXP (GP1138)
  15. There's very few exceptions to the 3800/Space Bobby requirements. The first couple of years, they had piles and piles of Bonneville's there. They had no issue with allowing Northstar Bonneville's, which I understand as the Bonneville for those three Generations that have showed are pretty much exclusively a 3800 series car, but for the most part it is strictly one, the other or both.