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  1. Gang, Since a number of us are already doing this. I'm proposing if the dates work. Do to either our meet or the 3800 Gathering meet at the front end or back end of the NAIAS Detroit Autoshow. Right now, potential dates (assuming a press preview) are: June 12th (Friday) June 15th Monday, or June 19th (Friday). Basically, throwing the meet on the other side of the weekend. So for June 12th/19th, we'd try and arrange a place & time for dinner after the show and our car meet would officially begin on the Friday night. For a June 15th date. We'd probably get together on the Friday night. All day Saturday and potentially look at Sunday for NAIAS or extending the meet to stick around just one more night, and depart for Cobo in the morning. As the 3800 Gathering schedule gets solidified, I'll advise on more details. Unlike the last two years the big meet will be returning to it's roots in Detroit as they've completely overgrown the whole ZZPerformance center after two years there.
  2. That's a good idea, so many people will be leaving their cars at home, and planning on taking UFO's on the return trip. So far out of the roughly 2.3 Million that are interested or going 8 are from
  3. So far we have most of that planned including a way to ensure that no one is hit with any bullets. We also have an army of Kyle's whom are hyped up on Monster Energy drink. Many of us will have weapons too.
  4. Guys, pending on interest, I'm going to be plotting out a route or two routes that will end up going to Vegas, where we should have most of us stationed, partying at first and then preparing for the raid on Area 51 at 3:00am local time on September 20th. I'm planning on leaving early to accommodate for some vehicle breakdowns along the way. We can afford to leave some cars behind as many of us may be driving UFO-styled space ships back to the Eastern US and Canada. As it stands now the numbers are just over 600,000 whom are interested in this globally. StormArea51: They can't stop all of us! Please comment below if you're interested in going and where you are located. I'd anticipate this event gaining popularity and eventually growing to up 5 million people, we will need to make hotel reservations in advance. I would also bring lots of Monster Energy drinks from home. I would expect them to run out in desert areas quickly. Thanks!
  5. Do you recommend a 53 foot trailer or a 62 foot one??
  6. I'm now tempted to do this just to meet "Negative Matt.
  7. Detroit / Grand Rapids - yes.
  8. I'm doing 3800 Space-Bobby on June 6-8. Not sure if anyone else is thinking of going. I'm down for going to Erie in July as well.
  9. In the history of Space Bobby "National" meets, I honestly don't recall us ever having a Century . . . or a 1988 Lumina for that matter.
  10. Shitty!! Please consider arriving Saturday for lunch if you can. Late is better than never. It's not a big deal, but if you can come, any chance that you can bring a soldering iron and just a little bit of solder?? We need some Erie representation with no Nunzi there!!
  11. DISCOUNT IS ONLY VALID IF ROOMS ARE BOOKED PRIOR TO 8:00PM (EST) ON JUNE 8th. Please ensure that you're booked early for this event. Cancellation is free if outside of 24 hours prior to check-in.
  12. Agenda: Friday (Jed's & meet 'n greet) Saturday: STUFF . . . . Sunday late morning: BXX Evans.
  13. Only request if we do Cleveland area is that someone from Cleveland that knows the area where we stay or someone scouts the area that we're going to. I'm up for a change. Change can be good. I just wanna hang out with the gang.
  14. It's a w-body meet. And not a ZZP meet.
  15. I'm probably in. Are pants optional??
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