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  1. I have decided to sell the interiors that I have. I have a complete charcoal (leather) interior from a 1993 Grand Prix. Overall it is in good condition but very dirty from sitting in garage over the years. A little bit of cleaning would have them looking great again. I planned to install them in my red 1989 TGP but never had the chance. I am going to sell my TGP soon too. I have lot of stuff (almost completed) from 1989 or 90 interior as well, that is all tan leather. I believe they will fit on a 2 door vehicle from 1989-1993 Grand Prix. I don’t know if it will fit on a 94-96. The price that I am selling is much lower than what I spent on them. It will be a good deal to whomever purchases it. Most of them are packed in boxes. Any questions, please contact me (TEXT ONLY) 952-913-5741. Thanks Jeremiah
  2. Thanks, I will try that. Do the 97-03 rims have a shorter offset, meaning that the wheel will be narrower than my factory wheels?
  3. I have seen some Gen 1 W-body using 97-03 Grand Prix Wheels. I happened to find one that I like at the junkyard, but unfortunately after I installed the first wheel on my 1991 Pontiac Grand Prix STE, I noticed that the spoke will hit the caliper bracket. Seems like the offset on the rim is different. I wonder has anyone else added some kind of spacer? If so, where could I find it, and would it be worth it? Let me know please. Thanks
  4. This website is good, I like it. Has anyone tried this or used nylon from ace? Does it last for a long time? Over 100k miles?? Is there a phone number where I can call Jeff (booger)?
  5. Hello everyone, two of my getrag 284 have the same issue. The cable connecting to inside shift is disconnected, the rubber bushing is worn out and falling apart. All of us know that cable isnt made anymore. I can't find it anywhere. Unless someone in here knows where to buy one, let me know. What is an alternate method to keep them connected that will last a long time? I have tried to make a rubber bushing myself at work but it didn't hold. Wondering if anyone knows what material it is and where to find that same material? I can try to make another bushing with the right material and dimensions with hopefully a better outcome. Let me know soon please. Thanks!
  6. 520 bucks for that stage 2. OUCH! why those have to be expensive! ha I come from oreillys, they said cost for standard 350 dollars, performance 465 dollars, dont say what stage it is. I dont know what I should do or going to do now umm... thanks for give me this web site.
  7. Yeah, I am plan on doing this too, that's for sure. What I am focus on rite now is where to buy spec stage 2-3 clutch? I am ready to buy rite now but I dunno which to buy from. Before I worry about timing belt/tensioners.
  8. I get it about slotted on fork. I understand how it works now. I think I will have no problem put them back together. I willing to spend 300 plus bucks on new clutch set. Where do I find them with spec stage 2-3? Tmr I will pick up head gasket set, oil pan gasket, Crank Position Sensor and put them on motor tmr, I think I will be able to finish them all tomorrow. Since I will put new oil pan gasket, should I put in new oil pump as well? Should I upgrade oil pump more higher pressure? I will check this forum again first thing in morning before I go to store to buy parts that I ordered. I really appericate for ur replied! Thanks guys!
  9. the stuff u wrapped on the crossover/header exhausted. What is it called? Header wrap? I think I am going do the same on my car, motor is out, I am going to do it as well. Hard to do wrap job?
  10. I take motor n tranny out of my 1991 Grand Prix STE 3.4 DOHC n manual tranny. I have few questions.. which better brand to buy ALT for my car. I dont want to do this stuff when alt burn out soon in future. so do this now before I put them together n put back in the car. Edit... can I increase amp? good idea? second question, about manual tranny. I plan to put in new clutch n etc. lowest I can find cost is 350 bucks from OReilly. Other store cost 600 dollars! I will need advice on which better to buy with good brand the one can take from hard driver, I am hard driver. Other thing, my clutch release lever (fork) is fine but the metal bracket that hold the fork is crack! wonder where can I find this part? seem I cant find anywhere to buy this part. Since I am take motor out. I am going to put new Crank Sensor, oil pan gasket, top end gasket (include heads n etc). Anything to add I should put in new parts before I put it back in the car? How is oil pump? common worn out or never? I forget to add one more thing. I wonder how to put tranny back on motor again. I have to take nut off fork so I can take tranny off. But I am wonder how can I put it back on? can I put fork/nut on but loose, when mated then tight up the nut on fork. will work? or other suggestion pls?
  11. I am wonder is that common? I dont know what it called but a sleeve that keep valve seal broke off! I am not sure either someone put some metal in intake and go in all 6 pistion. Can see little metal in all of cylinder. only 1 is damaged bad, other is fine. That's why I doubt the valve sleeve is the cause the problem for motor. Since there is one sleeve broke off while other 23 sleeve still good on heads. but find metal in all cylinder. I guess that metal broke off sleeve. But I have no proof yet. Red 1991 STE 3.4 DOHC 284
  12. I bought 1991 Grand Prix STE 3.4 DOHC n 284 getrag n it isnt running, bring the car to home n parking it for a year. Finally I bring it in garage to take motor aparts to see what is wrong with the motor. Tough luck for me, motor is shot. Couldnt save it as I was hoping for. I am not sure if I should looking for used motor 3.4 DOHC from manul tranny car or rebuilt the motor. If I am going to rebuilt the motor, I would like to know how much do I have to spend? I want to add turbo on this car in future, so I might want forged pistion, crankshaft,rod, everything. I want to hear ur recommend, and where to find for upgrade rebuilt motor etc.. Help will be appericated, thanks!
  13. 2x BTW.. I love the 3.4 DOHC!
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