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  1. Bake82

    Getrag 284 & axleshaft replacement.

    Presuming you have a 5 speed Lumina Z34, than you have a Getrag 284, unless it's been swapped. Order axles for 91-93 Lumina Z34 with manual trans and you'll get the right ones. Tip, ensure the stub shaft on the driver's side axle either stays in the trans, or you remove it from the axle BEFORE you hand it in as a core. You'll be searching for a new one and won't find it easily!
  2. This guy has used a hydroboost swap. Otherwise you can use an F-body booster with an adapter made to bolt to the firewall in place of the PMIII.
  3. I don't expect I'll have any time to get to the car before then. I'm working some crazy hours right now until end of October.
  4. I'll have this info by end of October as I have a 96 parts car to take apart specifically for the rear brakes. I presume you'll want this info sooner but it's the earliest I can do it.
  5. Thanks! It's an 88 coupe...not a I sort of wish it was tho! LOL. I'm near Ottawa yes! Are you in Ontario?
  6. I believe it’s from a 5 speed car.
  7. Bake82

    Sunroof glass & seal from 92-96

    I do have both, but I can't imagine shipping from Canada would be too nice for the glass. It's going to be some time end of October) before I can do anything on the car, but since I know it will work, when I get to parting out the car I will keep you in mind and look to see how it looks. Sorry I can't help sooner!
  8. Bake82

    Sunroof glass & seal from 92-96

    Would one from a 96 Cutlass 2 door work? It may be a bit of time to get it out, but I can look to see the shape of it and let you know.
  9. Does the monte carlo manual have wiring diagrams in it? Specifically engine harness and C100 connector?
  10. Bake82

    TGP Moving Sale

    Lol. Happens all the time to me! I just happened to be readying the forum on my laptop!
  11. Bake82

    TGP Moving Sale

    His profile says Gasport NY which appears to be north of Buffalo
  12. Bake82

    Billet Dogbone

    Sent PM