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  1. The circled portion. I originally cut the back half of the downpipe off. This was then welded back together to fit my exhaust and the o2 sensor bung was added. The portion that goes around the firewall was not modified in any way.
  2. There were no original TGP with manual. However if you message flybynite (on the forum) or Adam Perkins on the facebook TGP group(same guy) he can set you up.
  3. Winner! Great picture Matt! Definitely shows the difference between the mounts that bolt to the sub-frame!
  4. I was thinking the same as Chris. Is the lower bracket that is attached to the subframe different, and or installed in the correct holes in the subframe(I'm not sure if that's possible), but I do wonder if it is that bracket that's causing the issue.
  5. Bake82

    Scanner Help

    HP tuners has a programmer and a scanner. The scanner I am referring to is the HP Tuners VCM scanner. Since he wants to make changes to some of the PCM settings, he will need a DHP or HP tuners to do so. The scanner function within HP is far superior to that of the DHP, and DHP are getting harder and more expensive to find.
  6. Bake82

    Scanner Help

    As you are looking to make changes to the PCM(Change cooling fans) you'll need either HP tuners or DHP. I'm not certain DHP will work with cars beyond 05/06. The scanner is great and allows datalogging to playback and review problem areas. I'm not certain it will look at ABS codes, BCMs etc. as I use it to tune my 88 Cutlass with L67 swap(obd2 PCM) which has none of those.
  7. It's the original Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme Service manual. My cars wiring is from an 89, so I have the 89. There were changes throughout the years, especially with wiring, that I would highly recommend finding the GM service manual for the make, model and year of your car. Saying this, there are lots of 89 cutlass supreme manuals on ebay.
  8. Milzy 2.5 downpipe to be used in a 1st gen w-body with a 3800 swap. Has sensor bung for wideband. I had it modified to fit my exhaust setup. Cannot gaurentee it’ll bolt in to your car but I’m guess you’re not using a stock exhaust if your swapping in a 3800 so should be easy to make fit. Asking $125 shipped or best offer. o2
  9. Glad the info helps! It’s from the GM factory service manual. It is an absolute MUST have if working on these cars! They tell you basically everything you need to know including diagnosing al issues. They’re dirt cheap now too! Without the manuals my car would not be on the road!
  10. Does that help? Let me know if you need anything else!
  11. I didn’t read anything just took the pics. lol. If any are not clear enough or you need anything else let me know and I’ll send you better pics
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