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  1. Nice ones are hard to find, so you'll be doing some resto work. It's a labor of love. Most are badly rusted out, so get a good look underneath before you give it a second thought. I think 3.1's tended to have gasket issues, heads and intake, so check the oil to see if there's been any mixing between oil and coolant. Bound to have vacuum leaks too, but not hard to fix. Transmission fluid should be red, not black, and it should shift smoothly through all the gears. Good luck!
  2. I doubt it would be a steering gear after only 150k. Racks can essentially last forever. On my car that was doing the same thing it turned out to be the rag joint between the column and rack that needed to be replaced.
  3. Yeah, the fuse blowing is annoying but not serious. The evap core is clean, it's just when the comp shuts off that it smells a little musty, otherwise it's fine. I'm not happy with my air temps right now anyway, I can't get a read on the high side pressure because the R-134A adapter doesn't have a pintle in it, so I'm just guessing at the charge and for some reason it's taking a bloody eternity to get down into the 40's - and 48 is as low as it'll go. I was shooting for around 38.
  4. So I've decided I HATE the "feature" that shuts off the compressor when you mash the gas on my '92. It may only shut it off for a few seconds, but you get about a minute worth of warm, humid, strange-smelling air blasted in your face while it recovers, and it takes far less than full WOT to activate it. It's also blowing my compressor fuse now too. Is there any way to disable this? I assume it's in the ECM code somewhere.
  5. It's the courtesy light housing in dark gray (graphite) from 91-94 coupes that holds the festoon-type bulb and red/white lens. Looks like this: I melted mine with an LED that malfunctioned.
  6. Just bought a GM-3 ABS adapter today for the MT2500. I wasn't thinking about it, but I had a watcher set up on eBay and a guy in Texas posted one for sale.
  7. Maybe selling the whole scanner and finding a Tech-1 is the better way to go. Any particular keywords that would help narrow down the search notification, Jesse? Is there a GM part number for a Tech-1? BTW I am pretty sure I have a wheel-speed sensor problem. I looked at the possible codes, and the way the indicator is acting, it's gotta be that. I can hear the module initializing properly, and the warning light doesn't come on until I get over 10mph. I think I know which one it is, too.
  8. crazyd

    LED conversion

    I've had my share of backfeed weirdness from changing them out. Right now I just discovered that my front marker lights are coming on when I hit the brakes, and the left turn signal stops flashing also when I hit the brakes. I did the ones in the cluster, and all the backlights were fine but when I did the warning lamps they were on at a low glow when the headlights and markers were on. Had to go back to incandescents for all the warning indicators but kept the CHECK GAGES, turn signals, low fuel warning and HI beams as LED. I'll still have to undo some more, because something in the brake circuit is backfeeding. I would check everything in the dark, preferably with a helper while you hit the brakes, before you put it all back together and call it good. I also found out the hard way that replacing the CHMSL bulbs will freak out the ABS computer.
  9. Fixed! The clutch was engaging jumping power to pin 5. It was a blown fuse and a bad relay.
  10. Steve: I'll try that over the weekend and see what happens. Imp558: Where would I find splice S120? I've had the car nearly 15 years, I think it's safe to say that anything that's wrong with it at this point is on me - but it has never had rodent issues, thankfully. It was a factor at my last house but not at the current house. Birds, and salty air from the beach are the only problems here. But a tinkering owner is its greatest threat right now, and I've been doing a LOT over on that side the past couple weeks trying to find the source of a noise that eventually turned out to be the power steering pump.
  11. I don't think that's got anything to do with it. Looking at the schematic below, the pressure switch is part of a separate circuit (on the left side) from the 250 (right side) where my problem is. It would make sense if the pressure switch interrupted power to the 250 but it doesn't appear to be that way.
  12. Hi all, quick synopsis here: A/C Compressor stopped working suddenly about a week ago. Been working on other things (PS pump) but I don't think it was anything I did. Clutch is not engaging. Checked pressures, have 65psi on low side and holding. Checked connector at compressor. Reseated. Ran power test in the manual, removed compressor relay and tested brown wires (CKT 250) to ground. 0.02v instead of battery voltage with ignition on and MAX A/C. Manual says open CKT 250 or blown A/C fuse. I checked the brown wires underneath the RSEC and they proceed into the harness like normal, but I don't know where they go from there. I really don't want to tear apart the harness trying to trace it or figure out if there's a remote possibility the wire suddenly broke somewhere down the line. That will have a high probability of breaking something else. There is no fuse labeled A/C in the RSEC, but I tested all the others (including the big 30/60 amp ones) and they're all good. Suggestions? I was thinking I could just splice the input brown wire back into +12V from somewhere else in the RSEC. Since it's still fused through the RSEC this shouldn't cause a problem. Thoughts?
  13. Yeah it's strange that they'd require a separate adapter just for the ABS, since it's the same plug. Probably a salesman's decision rather than an engineer's. mfewtrail: Thanks for the alternatives, might just go that route instead.
  14. Does anyone here happen to have the GM-3 ABS adapter for the MT2500 scanner? I've got the cartridge for ABS, but it still wants the GM-3 adapter for ABS VI. Didn't have any luck searching for it on eBay or Google, and I've got a code set that I'd like to find out what it is.
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