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  1. MaD

    Wheel Lug/Stud covers?

    so impala wheels have the same bolt pattern, but the reason I can't use the actual wheels is why? the offset? So i can buy that police package wheel trim kit? that'd be pretty dope.. and since when do amish drive? ...does it matter about the size? i think the impala cop wheels are 16 inch, mine are only 14, i don't know if that'll interfere with the center part of the wheel? thanks for the info, if these work, I'ma buy em -MaD-
  2. I have stock 14 inch steel wheels and I hate wheel covers. I actually prefer the look of the bare, vented steel over some cheap ABS wheel cover laced with chrome. ...however, this isn't the best time of year to drive around with exposed lugs, so I was wondering if there was some type of cover than could protect each individual lug nut and wheel stud? kinda like how the wImpala police package wheels are, they just have the steel wheels, a hub cover, some chrome lugs and a fresh chrome ring . is there a way I can get this setup with my stock steel wheels? and I know I can just buy chrome lugs, but I still want to protect the part of the stud that the lug nut won't cover, so if I can just get something to go over the whole thing, that'd be better... ....and BTW, would that work for my wheels? what size are those impala wheels? -MaD-
  3. I replaced my stock muffler with a Dynomax super turbo muffler.'s okay, it sounds decent, but I haven't noticed anything performance-wise. But I'm waiting for my hi-flow cat before I install the y-pipe I got from a boneyard cutlass, then I can have my fake dual exhaust! that'll open her top end up ! However, I still don't know what mufflers to use... does anyone know what's good, that dynomax was okay, but it doesn't seem to be practical for a V6 application... (it's 2.5 in/out) I've heard magnaflow or flowmaster was good, but I can't remember which was better.. -MaD-
  4. MaD

    Vacuum Tank Question.

    ...strange...I was using my heat on the way to work (I only used the bi-level setting though) under load and it seems to flow fine ? it's still hot air and a lot of it, even above 3,500 r's... so I guess I'm the heater only supposed to blow on defrost/floor, or is that the one setting that's supposed to hesistate under load?? -MaD-
  5. MaD

    Vacuum Tank Question.

    Sweet.. , I can live without A/C right now, considering it's like negative one million degrees outside :shock: and yea, I tried the cruise control, and it still works, it's just slightly erratic. welp, I'm glad that this didn't do much harm to the ol' cut. -MaD-
  6. My vacuum tank managed to shatter into 3 pieces... What exactly are the repercussions of having no vacuum tank? I always thought this was only for the A/C and the Cruice Control... ...hopefully that's all it'll affect until the weekend when I can grab one at the boneyard... But...I'm thinking, would that affect the entire vacuum system? i mean, my car's not idling weird or anything and the tranny is shifting fine and everything... thanks in advance -MaD-
  7. Welp, it's hard to get a straight answer here... but, if this helps, the 95-97 grilles themselves are listed as a stand-alone part, according to GM. so apparently there's a a way to separate them from the door panel itself if it needed to be replaced. However, this only answers the question of if it's actually a part of the door panel, heh, and I don't think that's a question you were asking... Edit: I've found a pic of the grille... from what it looks like, the grille seems to insert into the door panel. kinda like this: ||| |||||||| |||------ ||| |||------ ||| ||||||| The red part is the grille... the black part is the door panel Again, this is assumption, but thats what it looks like from the pic... -MaD-
  8. MaD

    5sd swap????

    The getrag will mount to the 3100 since it is the same block as a MPFI 3.1. Provided you have all the mounts, cables, etc. in fact, that getrag will mate with 2.2 OHV, 2.8/3.1 MPFI, 3100, 3400, 3.3, 3800, 3.8, 3.8 s/c... however! the getrag cannot be from a 2.0 OHC (Pontiac 88-90), or ANY Quad 4/2.4 twin cam. it has to be from a 2.8/3.1 and 3.8 meaning the transverely mounted one, not Buick RWD Style. also 4.9, 4.1, 4.1 northstar will bolt to a getrag. and since we can use the 4.9 in our cars, that's kinda dope. however, the tach pulses will be off (and you'd need to get around that for an accurate tach) and you have a lot of wiring to do. -MaD-
  9. Hey, do you have to run through the gears to check it? I was always told to go from park to 1 and back to park, and keep it in each gear for about 3 seconds right before you check the dipstick. Any truth to that? it doesn't seem to be included in anyone instructions here. -MaD-
  10. MaD

    87oct 89 or 93 ?

    Worda, the compression on a n/a 3.1 is 8.9:1 and a turboed 3.1 is 8.8:1 I didn't know it had to do with compression, I just thought that the turbo used the unburnt gasses in the 92+ oct exhaust to spin the turbine better...or it makes it easier to produce boost...or something to that effect... -MaD-
  11. MaD

    1991 Buick Regal Doors

    Well, I don't know what a serial number cutoff is, so I wouldn't be able to tell you that. There are two different types, like you said: Type 1 is cars with the last 6 digits of the VIN ranging from 400,001 to 800,000 The Delco Part numbers are: Front Doors *Right: 12399096 *Left: 12399097 Rear Doors *Right: 12399084 *Left: 12399085 Type 2 is cars with the last 6 digits of the VIN ranging from 800,001 and higher Those Delco Part numbers are: Front Doors *Right: 12512802 *Left: 12512803 Rear Doors *Right: 12399084 *Left: 12399085 Notice the rears are the same for both types, only the fronts are different. Apparently, the front doors are for 91 Regal GS's only. The rears can be used for 90 and 91 Regal GS's. Also, the Type 2 front doors are discontinued. Type 1 is still available. Lastly, Those delco part numbers don't seem to pull up by themself and they could be part of a bigger number, but those are the ''AC Delco'' numbers. You might have to contact GM for the entire number, but if you're just going to a yard, keep an eye on the VIN to determine which door you can use. Worda, hope this helped. -MaD-
  12. MaD

    87oct 89 or 93 ?

    whoops, sorry for reiterating, I guess you posted that as I was typing, NORBI. Damn, I haven't noticed a loss in mileage though from using 93. I should do a couple of tanks of regular to see if I'd gain any miles, what brand of gas do you use? I use Shell.. oh, and S/C'd engines need 92 also? I didn't know that...what's the reason why? -MaD-
  13. MaD

    87oct 89 or 93 ?

    You're supposed to run the lowest octane that doesn't give you knock (which is usually 87). With your engine, it's built for 87, it's the turboed engines that require 92 or higher because it relies on the ehxaust gasses to work correctly. I put in 93 just because it seems to last longer than anything lower, and I really don't mind spending the extra $4 or so at the pump. Also, supposedly it burns cleaner than lower octane because it's full of detergents and shit...or whatever, but honestly, I think all grades are treated with the same detergents and the only difference is the actual octane rating. The only thing I've noticed is that my combustion chamber is a hair cleaner than when I used to run only regular or mid-grade. But yea, as long as your motor is in good condition, you can run regular with absolutely no problems. -MaD-
  14. MaD

    leak in back floor

    would that apply to the ''vent glass'' thing in sedans (or whatever it's called). I'm sorry that I thought triangular windows were called ''quarter panels'' as well, geez, pardon--me, :D:D:D:D hehe... -MaD-
  15. MaD

    leak in back floor

    Out of curiosity, Would it apply to sedans as well? -MaD-
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