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  1. DavidHowell3633

    WTB: Cutlass convertible top straps

    I have the three straps that attach to the top bow. Is that what you need?
  2. DavidHowell3633

    convertible carpeting

    I used a coupe carpet for my convertible. Just overlay the coupe carpet with your convertible carpet and use the convertible one on top to guide you for cutting out the holes for the center console.
  3. DavidHowell3633

    Removing factory seat cover - any tricks?

    Get some hog rings and hog ring pliers for installation. Use a jy passenger seat foam for the driver's side. A curved needle and dental floss works on small jobs.
  4. DavidHowell3633

    Convertible top pumps

    Some members may have spare parts in case you need them. For instance, I have a pump, switch for 1994, other parts. I haven't put them on the for sale site yet. If we can help just shout. Like he said, may be a switch. Mine was.
  5. DavidHowell3633

    hud display 95 olds vert

    I have a HUD and a HUD switch if anyone needs it. Along with the switch, I have the center console "pocket" that fits to the left of it.
  6. I put a spoiler and lights on mine recently. Give me a holler. You know how to reach me.
  7. DavidHowell3633

    Oil Pressure Sending Unit???

    I was thinking you might have mistaken the knock sensor for the oil pressure switch.
  8. DavidHowell3633

    Top Retraction - Adjustable?

    Having no response, I have a grey boot I dont need.
  9. DavidHowell3633

    Top Retraction - Adjustable?

    I have the same issue. I have lived with this for years, but would like an answer. Canny one help Greg and me? David
  10. DavidHowell3633

    Uneven brake wear

    A mechanic explained to me one time that he has seen some hoses that have a portion come apart inside the hose allowing fluid to flow in one direction down to the claliper only. As the rubber ages and becomes brittle, the internal piece with only one end attached now serves as a one-way valve of sorts. This would cause some fluid pressure to remain in the line from that point to the caliper and cause uneven,excessive wear on the inside of the rotor. I personally have not cut open any old rubber lines to verify.
  11. DavidHowell3633

    Convertible top issues.

    As far as hoses/lines, you may find that it is the fitting on the end of the hose or the hose may be split near the end and can be snipped off and reinstalled. The fittings can be found at a local plumbing store. By the way, when I have to get into the side panels, I remove the paneling from the rollbar first-(best to have the top down). I take out the rear seat bottom by unscrewing the two bolts that point toward the trunk below the cushion, I remove the small bolts securing the rear seat back cushion and lift up , and the side panels have a long screw hidden in the carpet like material at the door/entrance area. It's a phillips and can be a pain to find. Just unplug, speakers and window switch and set the panels aside.
  12. DavidHowell3633

    Accumilator springs

    As I recall I had to use my caliper and then enlarge the diameter of the washer since it did not seat all the way to the base.
  13. DavidHowell3633

    Accumilator springs

    I have had luck with washer/shims myself. Extended life a bit. The transmission rebuilder saw those shims and said "Cool!". I pulled some accumulators from pullapart until i found stems and cups not wallowed out. A writeup with pics helped me. I dont recall where I found it. I usually find Crazy K knows what he is talking about. I used a weighing scale for vegetables, a stick and a lever to compare the spring rates and selected the best from those. I think Transgo has these parts if you go that route.
  14. DavidHowell3633

    88-89 Prix 3-Piece AM/FM/Cassette/EQ Info

    Strange how we get this aux thing at the same time. I thought i had become obsessed but i see you are far ahead of me. I will be watching your progress with interest. Good luck and thanks for taking this on. I wired mine according to a post titled "DIY Delco UM6 and UX1 Aux input". But, i have no volume control using the radio or Swrc. Also, my clock display does not change until i remove the cassette blank.
  15. DavidHowell3633

    Location to add freon??????/

    Jack, I am unsure if R12 is correct for yours. My 94 takes R134a.