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  1. aaaaaaaand it won't start again. this time it's not getting any fuel. yesterday when the car was running the gas gauge read totally empty, but today it's reading totally full. so i think i fucked up the level sending unit somehow. at this point i'm going to install the new Delphi fuel pump module i ordered a few days ago (should be here this next Thursday). i will have Dan help me install it so i don't fuck anything up lol. he's already done this job on his GTP before. i'm so damn frustrated with this thing. after i get the new Delphi fuel pump module and Delphi ICM installed i am probably going to take the car to Midas and have them install all of the struts, outer tierods, rotors/pads, mount balance new tires, 4 wheel alignment, install motor/trans mounts etc. i am sooo fucking sick of working on cars anymore and besides it's freeezing ass cold out anyway. sometimes i think working on cars was just a phase for me and i'm slowly getting really sick of it. i'd rather just bring the car somewhere to get fixed rather than have to deal with all of this shit.
  2. IT RUNS huge thanks to Dan letting me use the ICM from his GTP! it didn't start up right away probably because it was flooded and it's only 5*F right now. we put the timing light on it and it was indeed getting spark. it took awhile but it finally fired up and a huge cloud of black smoke came out the tailpipe lol. runs great though. looks like i will be ordering a new Delphi ICM from soon. thanks for all the help!!!!!!
  3. oh ok. you see, i was not able to get the fuel pump module 'seated' because it was a total bitch to press down hard enough to get the lock ring back into place. so i think that's why i have gotten that code. i'm waiting for Dan to come over and help me get that done. so that solves that. so do you think it's fair to say i need a new ICM?
  4. i checked the PCM fuse and it looked good to me. so is this looking like a bad ICM? i don't have a spare i can throw in. so what's up with the code i'm getting now? because i never had that before.
  5. i have an LS1M but i'm not really familiar with how to use it (it's Dan's). i will go out and check the fuses. they would be in the power center next to the battery underhood right?
  6. checked for spark with my timing light and and NOTHING. i checked multiple wires too so i don't think it's just one coil pack. wouldn't i have gotten a code for something if it were a bad CKP or ICM? i'm lost now what lol. thanks again
  7. cool i will go buy a test light. my old one broke and i need another anyway. i did pull one plug and it definitely smelled like gasoline and was blackened. it was kind of wet too. i have a timing light so checking for spark should be easy.
  8. i will check for spark. how do i know if i have injector pulse?
  9. oh i should add - after i replaced the fuel pump i now have fuel shooting out the schrader valve test port on the fuel rail (i haven't actually checked psi with a gauge yet). so it seems i now have fuel but the car still doesn't want to start. i can still hear the fuel pump prime too. if the Delphi fuel pump i ordered isn't needed i would LOVE to return it (it cost me nearly $300).
  10. so a few weeks ago my Regal GS just wouldn't start one morning. i could hear the fuel pump prime when i turned the key to the 'ON' posistion, but when i checked the schrader valve on the fuel rail nothing came out except a small dribble. ok, it must be the fuel pump.... so i ordered a new Walbro fuel pump and harness kit from PRJ Performance. i installed the Walbro into the existing fuel pump modules per directions (i haven't installed the separate harness yet). it still won't start and i had an SES light. i borrowed Dan's LS1M scanner and came up with only one code: P0452 - Evaporative Emission Control System Pressure Sensor Low Input would that code cause a no start issue? cleared the code and still no start. is there anything else i can look into? i really don't think it's the fuel pump resistor because it would probably just start up and die quickly if it was. anyway, this morning i bought a Delphi fuel pump module from if that doesn't fix it then i'm ready to haul it to the GM dealership to let them figure it out.
  11. got it all figured out on the regalgs forum. there is a pinhole at the base of the poles that the headrest slides up/down on. it's right where the poles go into the seat back itself. you need to stick a pin or a pick tool in there and they come right out. i just converted the passenger side seat to power base from my old passenger seat and i'm now ready to bolt these things in once i get the floors all vacuumed clean of course. it is going to be really nice to be able to hop into the car and see nice clean seats with no rips/holes in them. my old seats were horrible at least that was the only real problem with the interior. after i get it detailed it will all look really good again.
  12. i bought my "new" seats yesterday but the idiot that removed them fucked up the driver's side headrest. it looks like i can swap it out with my old one by defeating a wire type clip. is this correct? has anyone here done this? the replacement seats are from a '98 Regal LS but they are exactly like mine. the passenger side isn't power, but i can easily swap the bottom out so that's not an issue. on the bright side i got a damn good deal on them because of that.
  13. do you know which vacuum line it's for? like MAP, FPR etc...? i would get those fixed ASAP. but winter definitely hurts gas mileage too.
  14. i think some people just get confused by the 3800 "Series" becuase the LN3 had "3800" on top of it. so maybe some people thought the LN3 was the Series I, which was actually the L27 starting in '91....which didn't even have "Series-I" written on top of it somewhere. you would think the '95+ Series-II (L36) would have actually been called the Series-III and the newer L26 Series-IV. i don't know why the whole series naming scheme started with the '91 L27.
  15. i like the first one the best of the three, but i'm the type of person that thinks nothing looks better than the stock crosslaces. or the soccerball wheels on a Turbo STE for that matter.
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