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  1. no1kicker


    Based on what I have seen: I think this is correct. All of the 89/90's didn't have an on/off button regardless if they got the CD or cassette. The on/off button SWRC's went with the radio which has knobs for volume and tuning, not buttons, found in 92-93. I don't know about 91.
  2. Here is a link with more pictures of the black Sunbird above. The date on the page is 11/07/2017 so I wonder if it is still there.
  3. This is great. I've always wanted a 3800 TGP and I was curious how much of the cartuning kit would fit. Seems like the downpipe was the biggest issue.
  4. I have a black TA, and yes I had a white Bonneville. I think you did come to my garage a long time ago.
  5. Thanks. It would be going into a Fiero.
  6. If you decide go back and the cluster from the Sunbird turbo is still there, I'll definitely buy it off you and give you some money for your time.
  7. I used to be on TGP forums a lot but I haven't since I sold my STE more than 10 years ago. There is some great info on there (and here of course). I've been casually looking for another TGP or 90-96 but there isn't much around.
  8. Check to see what they sell for just to be safe, but they are rare so if it's reasonable I would. That yard has some cool GM's.
  9. That red Fiero has a rear window louver. I think it's rare and might be worth something.
  10. no1kicker

    Cool Tools

    I have had good luck with the furniture floor dollys from harbor freight. I am using the blue plastic ones. I used one to help remove the cradle assy from a Fiero with the engine and trans on it. I am now using it to hold a cradle with a 3800 and 4t65e. It seems to be fine with the weight. It is rated to hold 1000 lbs. A few years back I had an entire 2005 GTP subframe assy shipped to me with everything but the suspension and the shipping rate was about 900 lbs. When I had my 1990 GP I used an engine tilter to help with plug changes. It worked well and IIRC it was a rental tool at the time.
  11. Here is what I would do: Use the L67 with the 2007 aluminum oil pan and get a gen V supercharger to reuse the 2007 TB, use stock L32 injectors. Keep the 2007 wiring harness but add wiring for the boost bypass as if you were doing a "top swap". Find a 2006(?)-2007 GTP pcm and use hptuners to change the vin to match your 2007 if possible. Find a 2004-2007 GTP trans and make sure the gear ratio matches in the pcm. It is possible to use your 1998 trans but it won't work without some minor modification. From what I have read: channel plate & valve body must be swapped to 04+, trans cooling lines may need an adapter, the PNP switch is slightly different.
  12. Still in New England? I remember meeting you about 12 years ago, haha.
  13. No, I still have everything sitting on a shelf in the garage. Hopefully I will get to it soon since the weather is getting better.
  14. no1kicker

    Bumper Swap

    Someone posted this photoshopped picture a long time ago.
  15. You have to remove the balance shaft gear if you run a double roller timing chain. You can leave the shaft in the engine.
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