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  1. Hi all, The car is a 2007 Pontiac Grand Prix base 3800. I went to use the parking brake and something snaped. I had a look around and you’ll see in the pictures here like the adjuster casing from the front cable broke. I managed to pull it off the cable. I would think that the mechanism is repairable please. As in could I buy just the part that broke. I did have a look for the part online, but I wasn’t able to pinpoint. Otherwise the cables are in decent shape, the two rears ones were changed. My guess is that I would have to disconnect the front cable from it. Please and thank you npfd
  2. npfd

    Common rust spots?

    hi is there any way to prevent rust on the latest GP... like under the fuel door and the spoiler? edit- the 97 CS we had, rust from the front wheel wells on the fender.... and coming from behind the plastic cladding... below the fuel door also
  3. Hi guys, thanks for the info.. @Oilpatch - ya newer cars they seem to haze up quite a bit.. annoying.. I've been on the GP forums quite a bit... and there too stiffer springs they say that the GP has... I'm thinking about changing the springs sometime next year, but I heard the strut spring space is longer than the GP... from Monroe, they said that putting an impala strut may raise the car by 1-2 inches For now I'm driving on some cushion, seems to have helped... As for the mish mash of ride,.... its strange, some types of bumps the car will float like the Olds would do, and others it would take it hard.. the Olds was like this too, but to a lesser degree... Otherwise I like driving it... I'll admit when I first did the few posts I was a bit let down hehe
  4. lol 97, or 07? heheh
  5. but does the base GP come close to the Impala LS, LT in terms of handling bumpy roads? Or even the Allure? Maybe its that the GP feels tight, as opposed to springy like the CS used to be?
  6. Hi its the 2007 Grand Prix, base with the special edition package.... just squirts and exhaust.... The Impala would ride the same? Would going from 17" (now) to 16" make a difference? I'm used to the way our 1997 Cutlass Supreme rode... I really thought the base GP, will be close... at least iron out all the small cracks/bumps in pavement while crusing at 40km/h.... I find its the same ride as in compact cars....
  7. ya well, not necessarily luxury, just a soft ride.... I thought the base would be fine for that... I was thinking think, could one always use Impala base struts on a GP? I know the monroe p/n are not the same....
  8. We recently got a '07 GP to replace the Olds. It has the 17" rims.. During the test drive I was really impressed with the car.... mainly on highway and service road. Lately in the city I've noticed that it can get quite rough.... doesn't feel like a luxury car.. Another thing I can never get the seating position right... my lower back does seem to hurt after.. I have some back issues.... we're thinking of making a cushion.... also the rear seats are firm too... have any of you guys found ways around this? It was either this or the Impala... but for the Impala had a hard time finding a non rental one...
  9. npfd

    2007 GP concerns

    We recently got a 2007 Grand Prix to replace the Olds Cutlass Supreme... I was going over it today, and notice that in the rear headliner, next to each rear door window and handle, looks like it has stains, like one big patch. Is it common for water to leak through here? I could only think that it would leak through the that roof rail thing... I hope not, I had enough trouble with the Olds 7 different water leaks, and rusting out strut mounts in back. I did check the ones in the GP look fine. Another thing I noticed that when turning left slowly, there seems to be a rubbing noise from the front left... or just the front. Otherwise the car runs well... Thank you!
  10. Thanks guys, I'm gonna post some other questions about it in another section of the forum about something else about the car. lol for the Charest and Dalton McGuinty, hahah not surprised you guys say that, ya they put lot of salt... ehheh conspiracy maybe, they've been doing it for a long time... I'm surprised there is lots of salt too in Vermont and New York.... edit - btw looks like front right strut has lots of surface rust too hehe
  11. Hi there, We should be getting a 2007 grand prix, and i noticed that parts of the front control arm has surface rust. Is this normal? The car has been driven in Canadian winters. Thanks.
  12. 97 CS with 219k kms, the car is on the way out in several months anyways.. the Transmission fluid is fine, as some of you may have seen the other threads that the timing chain gasket is leaking etc.... I've noticed this problem, a few weeks ago, maybe even up to a month. With ~50% throttle off the line, or while even coasting at 20 km/h, the engine and car will speed up, but dip at 2k rpm, then at 3.5k (I think these are numbers..) ,car struggles, I know it does two dips, like the rpms drop and car slows down too.... but when coasting at 60km/h or more, and I Floor it, no problem, the rpms kick up and all is good....... is this a 1st gear problem? transmission toast? or torque convertor? btw I don't know much about transmissions, even Torque convertor.. I don't really know that well... I did read up some threads about ignition issues.. but I don't think it applies to this.... Thank you
  13. Hi Z34guy..... I sat in the Lacrosse, at the used gm dealership, the seat seemed a lot firmer than the Impala..... plus 3.8... gas lol.... I do a good amount of city driving.... What about this Grand prix? A few things I know the crash rating isn't up to par with the Impala, plus 3.8.... I think no remote starter... interior is okay.. how are the seats on this one? Thanks...
  14. Well this is not fun, I did read some minor things about that platform epilson....... so the ball joints are pressed from the factory? not like the 1st gen w body.. The Lacrosse, I sat inside it, and found the seat very firm... then the 3.8, lots of gas here in Canada hahha.... does it ride as comfy as the Impala, or W body? Thanks.
  15. What about a Pontiac G6? I'd rather stay with the w body though.. is the epsilon much better? ride comfort?
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