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  1. Thank You. I just ordered the plastic mount and rubbers from BXX. but Im styill looking for an NA vin T 89 grand prix coolant bottle.
  2. chris. do you have a headlight bracket? the fiberglass piece that holds the headlight assembly? I need this! also. if I get caught up over here I may consider taking this off your hands. but right now. I don't have the space. thanks glws -Jarek
  3. I live on a island. where people don't keep stuff like this around. these cars are obsolete. I have to travel over 2 bridges and several hours of traffic to find a yard that may or may not have them. that's why.
  4. buehler buehler..... anyone anyone????
  5. want to buy... 1st gen radiator and condenser rubber mounts, the plastic upper panel that holds everything for the radiator.. and the coolant bottle. 89 grand prix.. thanks I posted it here... figured more traffic. thanks I neeed asap! -Jarek
  6. I have a full set of cloth tan seats.. located long island, ny 11795.
  7. bring the kiddo! Daddy Nunzi needs w-body tyme
  8. I kinda gave up caring. I love to see the crew when we go but lack of good planning just makes me annoyed. doesn't matter anyway. work has me working every Saturday every month working multiple departments because of lack of qualified people present. works for me.. but could really use a vacation. Need advance notice .. like we should just make it the same weekend of the same month every year at the place. no problems cant make it.. ohh well. that's how you solve this problem of lack of planning. no discrepancies. Toledo, Red Roof, Park, Pool Hall, Milan Dragway, BXX Evans, that bar I cant think of the name... you know. stuff that just.. works. maybe next year Ill blast the dyno at ZZP event. looked cool. Thank You -Jarek
  9. what we doing!!!???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  10. any strip is better than no strip.. long island us to be king of racing.... now we have self entitled nutbags that don't like noise. 4 hours out off the island is e town.. well that's gone too. so we have atco. that's a drive. so just be happy you have something
  11. still not sure Im going to have a car ready. Im trying.. but big turbos no good for auto x. that's why they make corollas... lol Im going to say lets just chill... wherever.. just not somewhere seedy where "yall softer than cupcakes" is a common statement. my vote. Toledo. want to go drag racing.. go to Milan. doesn't Erie have a track? Im cool for just chillin.. eatin breads and desserts getting all fat n sassy.. just make a date and location soon so I can get it on the calendar this year. my 2 cents thanks -Jarek
  12. hopefully I remember to send you some tomorrow.. ^^^this is good stuff 1 album dedicated to lifelong algae infested w-body's lol
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