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  1. thank you,tom/all. ill try this! update.10/7/19 (ill try tom's fix next p0440) well if i unplug the canister purge valve the popping/thumping stops.... but then i get a p1655 lol! anyhow. i did get the -canister-vent-valve-solenoid off(it was dusty!), it it bench tested good (so did the -canister-PURGE-valve) so it may be a wireing problem. note to 95-01 lumina owners the evap can, can be accesed via the fuel door, remove 3 7mm screws & plastic around the gas fill, its all there! i got a few scrapes but it beats tire & inner fender removal!!!!!! keeep yall updated
  2. thanks for the info, i may do just that! ive got till march 2021 to fix this(here in the soviet republic of california,smog is every 2 yrs ) its the code stayed away for a week, i put 70 miles on the car saturday. no issues. today i'm in it for 20 minutes and P0440 GRRR. yes damned annoying. !
  3. tank vent was my thought too. damn i dont want to pull the tank! i have the service manuals. but cant locate the evap system part
  4. hey guy, well got a problem with my 1997 chevy lumina 3100 v6 118k miles the gas tank is doing a "thumping sound" like thump,thump,thump... and the service engine light is on. code P0440. no gas leaks or smells, car runs just fine, no noticable loss in mpg's. hell if i didnt live in a smog nazi state like ca....... i'd clear the code,say F it...but!!!! its NEVER failed to pass smog test. i took a look under hood, no smells of gas all connections look good. this car has made this sound before, but never set a code its done it (the sound) before.(turn the key to start the car,fuel pump primes and i'd hear some sound other than the pump). oh yeah, new gas cap, actually i tried 3 different caps, 1,locking 2,one i had on the car 3 my spare i not think itsthe cap. thanks fellas, ya'll been a big help since i joined in 2006!
  5. haha.... no way not for $235! i just found this, take a look
  6. My 97 Lumina is doing this too. but my problem seems to be the intermediate steering shaft WHICH NOBODY MAKES anymore, including the part #26009452. nobody and i mean nobody has them for the older w's. anyone know if a later model intermediate steering shaft will work? in that video it sure looks like it will fit., mine may have gone bad because someone left the rubber boot off...the car had the gm recall done to the steering rack...maybe they left it loose? my car has had a bad iss for years..its annoying! any ideas?
  7. Update 4-30-17 car has been running well. mpg's are up, in mostly city driving 17.32 mpg. i do sit idleing with the a/c on for lunch most days. so some loss in mpg's expected. i also ran a good chevron fuel cleaner. really smoothed out the lil 3100 six. now all I need to do is fix the oil-pump drive o-ring (F**K) changing that! thanks again.
  8. Hey guy's, well the fpr just pissed gas out the vacumme line hole, so i put on a brand new fpr. no more putrid fumes, and the idle has really smoothed out. cleaned the egr, it did not need it, the egr passages were very clear/clean. so its fixed!(crosses fingers) thanks everyone, y'all are badasses! i'd buy you a if i could! update, just drove 20 miles and this car ran great, smoother then it has run in 2 years! more power too! if a 3100 v6 has such a thing! no fuel leaks either, starts better, the exhaust fumes have really cleared up, it was just awful before. thanks
  9. UPDATE, fuel pressure regulator vacuume line smells like gasoline? All coil-packs check good.6.4-6.8 ohms
  10. ok update time. car has been running good,but the gas mileage is really crap. i went 120 miles in town and i had to add 8.4 us gallons to fill up my car. = 13 or 14 mpg....WTF? i will be cleaning my egr tommorrow. and ohm checking my coil packs....5000k-7000k ohms ive read is the range.
  11. well the car has been running good. maybe it was just my nose, no really stinky exhaust, well no more then any 20 yr-old car with a cold cat-convert.... it never has ever smoked gray/black or any color!. would having put on the 3400 tb cause worse mpg's? besides enjoying the power boost lol! thank you
  12. thanks you guy's! awsome ideas. as my o2 sensor is TWENTY years old and 100k, guess i'm changeing it!, how bad a job is it? if memory serves me, its in the rear head pipe? so its another unbolt tge doggy bones and wrachet strap the engine fwd deals? meh not that diff. how does one test a coilpack. i know it can be done, i did it before on my old 98 lumina(sold in 2013, and its now many beer-cans aka scraped). thx
  13. thanks for the reply! coil packs.?ok but its not missing.runs great.not sluggish and it has almost new plugs (plaitum delco's) and wireset (40$). thx
  14. I just passed my states "smog test" passed great. and my car runs great, but the mpg's aren't very good, and Stinky Exhaust when cold, or after the car sits 30 minutes or longer. smells like i have no cat.(but i do)!. after the cat is warm no stinky. no codes, no rotten egg smell from exhaust no visible fuel leaks. 1997 lumina 3100 V-6 100k. i had the throttle body off last week, checked the egr passage, nice and clear, i didnt remove the egr. but this car i tell you very little/no blowby. very clean inside. in 2014 i did swap in a 2005 impala 3400 tb, so in 3 years and 20k ive had not a problem. sorry if i rambled... any ideas?
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