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    fuel filter

    Yeah, no shit! I replaced my fuel filter without even jacking my car up. Took me 5 minutes. I didn't even bother purging the fuel lines. Just popped the old fucker off and slapped the new one on.
  2. $500 for new struts? Shit, what brand are you using? For that price I sure as hell hope you're going with KYB GR-2s all around, and replacing all the strut mounts while you're at it. With all the mods you're going to get, or thinking of having, you should remember to replace your tires. I'd recommend going with some Z-rated tires if you want get better performance out of your car. Most people have no fucking clue how important tires really are. Tires may be more expensive than dropping a K&N filter in or having a custom cat-back exhaust done, but upgrading your tires can make a world of difference through any driving situation. Mmm, an exhaust mod.. That leaves options open. sooo....?
  3. Thanks for the help. I'll put new ones one. I know all about GM dealers ripping people off with the prices they charge for new parts, so I won't be going to the dealer. Besides, I used to work at a GM dealer so I know their prices are obsurd to begin with. I'll probably slap on some junkard ones sometime soon.
  4. The thermostat will take you 10 minutes to replace. Just pop off the thermostat housing, remove the old thermostat and plop a new one in. You can use the gasket that came with the new thermostat or you can use special high-heat silicone on the thermostat housing. Either way, just pop the thermostat housing back on and tighten the two bolts. Some people mention that you should drain your rad a bit before doing this, but I don't bother. You shouldn't have a problem either, since you're already changing the fluid.
  5. I agree. Top speed isn't the issue, making your car accelerate faster would be more fun than having a 140mph top speed.
  6. Here's a list of what I've done to my vehicle in the last 12 months: -oil change (Valvoline MaxLife 10W30, Formula 1 Filter) -four new tires (Motomaster Touring LXR 225/60R-16) Here's what I need to do within the next 12 months: -replace rear brake pads -replace all four struts/shocks -four wheel alignment -new bodywork/paint -new muffler
  7. That's some funny shit. I agree though, you probably have too much time on your hands. More than that, I think you need to find yourself a woman to spend some time with. More time with the chick, less time with the ride.
  8. Damn, my shocks really need replacement, especially the passenger-side front shock which is already leaking. I'd pick KYB GR-2 struts/shocks, but they're a tad bit expensive. I'll probably go with Monroe Sens-A-Tracs since they offer a lifetime warranty and they're priced well. I haven't heard anything complain about the quailty of Monroe shocks yet so I think they're all right.
  9. Holy fuck, I wouldn't want to do that on my car! Some tranny specialist? Sounds like some hack to me. 4 quarts? The shit would be pouring out of the dipstick by then! The tranny will remain lubricated just as long as there's enough tranny fluid in there.
  10. Dude, you won't find anything for the 3800 TPI V-6 unless it's custom. RSM offers a service where you send them your upper and lower intake manifolds and they'll port them for you, but Extrude Hone will do a much better job for a little bit more money. Also, if you have aluminum intake runners like I do, you can send them over to Extrude Hone as well. Anything else like camshafts, valves, cylinder head packages, etc. have to be custom. There are probably more aftermarket products for the 3.1 MPFI than there is for the 3800 TPI V-6. You can find tons of shit for the 3800 Series II but that's a pretty different engine, I don't think the heads are interchangeable. That's it for us dude, we have nothing.
  11. Funny, I swear quite often and I never hear you mention that to me.
  12. Nothing's wrong with conventional oil, it just doesn't offer the same amount of engine protection that synthetic would. As long as you change your oil and filter on a regular basis, you can run the cheapest, shittiest oil you can buy.
  13. Yeah, you don't have slowly add synthetic oil to your regular conventional oil at every oil change until it's 100% synthetic. When I switcehd from conventional to synthetic on my old W-Body I did it in one shot and had no problems. If it leaks, it leaks.
  14. Don't drive around too long with the donut, that shit'll blow up as well. As for your alternator, they all go bad eventually and you might even want to rebuild it yourself with a rebuild kit. It might be less expensive than a remanufactured alternator.
  15. Sorry dude, L36 is the Series II, it's the L26 that's the 3800 TPI V-6 that I have and what you will have in your Olds Delta 88.
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