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  1. In all honesty, I was kidding. I know everyone is busy these days. We all are. I still haven't heard back from the shop so looking to reach out for advice. I will see what Jamie is up to lol. Sorry, but thank me for saving your life. Did you get pics? I'd like to see both and if you ever get the 2nd gen mount on too.
  2. Oh I see. I'm hoping someone actually has the 2nd gen with pictures. How did yours turn out? Any pictures?
  3. Very interesting. This is the worst part on my GTP. I went to put the rear jack stands on and the mounts are toast. I dont remember them being so bad. I checked my other GTP parts car and basically the same thing. If adding the 2nd gen will allow me to bolt it in, that is the way to go for me. I'm not sure why you would want them to be adjustable? Matt, bring the boys over. I dont have a welder. I have been pointed to a shop that does this and waiting to hear back. After being boxed in, can you still put jack stands under and safely keep the car up?
  4. Did you use 2nd gen trailing arm mounts to your 1st gen?
  5. Is this actually possible? If so I would definitely do this. I know the trailing arms are the same length.
  6. I will only be gutting it for the track. I will put everything back in after. He will be gutting his car for sure at the track and any other advantage he can get get. He already has a cat back, intake. And its Auto. I probably wont be cutting the cat converter at this point. No turbo yet. We are doing this bet N/A.
  7. Ok some plans have changed. For now I am going to add my bolt on's to the 3.4. I need to beat a 2000 Nissan Maxima with the 3.0 engine in the 1/4 mile. After that, I will probably swap engines someday. But for now, it will be a lot cheaper. I'm only putting parts on that I got, and to get stuff to tune it up. I've raced him in it with my SRX and I can take him no problem. Mods I'm adding... DOHC V6's FWI, FFP Dog Bone, FFP Underdrive Pulley, Injectors, 96+ Intake Mani, Bens Chip, Would like to buy some thermo spacers. Free mods are ... Unplugging the EGR, Adjusting the Cam timing And as much weigh reduction as possible. I will gut the interior to just the drivers chair and the dash. What else can be removed? I'm going to do a A/C Delete I'm thinking as well. Any idea's what other big heavy stuff can be removed? Ofcourse the spare will be off.
  8. No, I think I'm going to for 3.4 Build. Im thinking about building it up as far as I can for NA right now. We all want to see what the LQ1 is capable of. Since the Headers alone are 1k, I dont want to chop them up right away for a turbo. Anyone know the highest Wheel HP on a NA 3.4? I've heard stories as high as 278. Another question is, since the manual 3.4 have a slightly higher compression due to the pistons from what I've read, is it possible to swap those into the 96/97 engine to gain more HP? I know higher compression isnt better for turbo's, but I'm still looking to get a NA goal too. Off the top of my head the best power adders before a Turbo are: 96/97 Engine with the better heads and exhaust for headers to bolt up to. Adjust the cam timing to ~13 to Retard the exhaust. Headers OBD 2 Swap and Tune. Injectors P&P Heads Maybe custom UIM? Seen some on Fiero's that look good. Larger TB, although I heard it wont matter with boost. As for the 5 speed holding up, I'd like to get some new parts too. As a Clutch, maybe flywheel. I should talk to Jeff Kuntz about that. I have a FFP Underdrive Pulley as well the FFP Dogbone. It needs new poly bushings, can I just measure and order some or make my own? I think thats it for now.
  9. The engine is too tall to have a supercharger on it. You can do it, but you have to cut out your hood. I've had the L67, but now I think its time for a Turbo.
  10. Hey, I'm in London. I know Fil, he used to live in London. I would love the extra help. Fil is a good guy. Maybe he can polish my car after.
  11. Yeah, I was looking at some prices for stuff, and if I can get a crate engine for around 500, would save me a lot of time. Who wants to help in southern Ontario this winter? Sounds like only the 97 has 33mm lifters? I thought it was both 96/97, but according to wot... 8% lighter than stock, these lifters will allow higher RPM use and increase throttle response. Will work in 91-96 motors. 97 3.4 DOHC uses a 33mm lifter. And does anyone have thermal spacers for the 3.4? Is it even possible to make these?
  12. The reason I'd like to drop a 96/97 Engine is, I would be forced to switch from OBD1 to OBD2. Samething would go for the Series 3 as well. Originally I was just planning to do the top swap, but do you think it would be even feasible to switch the heads? Ideally, I would love to find a crate engine and start from there as seeing one on ebay just went for a mere $500.
  13. One of the GTP's this winter is going to be built up engine wise. I have 2x92's GTP's with 3.4/LQ1. I want to build up the current engine, but can I swap out parts to the 96/97 to gain the HP? I know I can do the upper intake manifold, but other things I read online say there are other things that make the 96/97 better. From wiki The heads and intake manifolds were redesigned for the 1996 model year, incorporating a larger throttle body and plenum area, slightly shorter intake runners, cloverleaf combustion chambers, and larger "pill"-shaped exhaust ports. Camshafts and cam timing were also revised for the new, higher RPM powerband. 1996–1997 models used a modified version of the same short block and had different heads. Basically can I swap all this out onto mine? Or would it be easier just to try and find a 96-97 and swap that in? OR Screw the 3.4 and drop the 3800 series III in? I'd really like to keep the 3.4 myself and do it up. I love the fact is dohc and a high revving engine. My end goal is to turbo it to try and make around 430 HP with the 5 speed 284 of course. But I need help from you guys here. I need to go against my buddy's 2002 nissan maxima. He is running high 13's in the 1/4 with bolt ons. So over the winter I plan to pull the engine, clean it all up, rebuild it, love to bore it out, etc. Drop some cash into it, etc. I know there isnt a lot of aftermarket for the 3.4. Any idea's / suggestions?
  14. What I did was goto the junkyard and cut the master cylinder brake lines and re attached them with your flaring tool. I did mine behind the engine. But this way I had all new lines running and didnt want to take the chance of using my old ones. Just find some clean ones in good shape and your good to go.
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