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  1. I would really love to make it out to a meet, although my chances of owning another W by then are somewhat slim. I'm game for pretty much any location, and just need a date. I'm sorry to read this. I hope everything gets sorted out buddy.
  2. You'll be in Columbus. Something like that wouldn't catch a second glance.
  3. Between the hotel and Bxx Evans, there is a place called the Ruckmoor Pub. You have been advised/warned.
  4. I'm good with wherever, I just need to know what days it's happening.
  5. Cut the cat, and straight pipe it. No downstream O2, and you won't hurt anything.
  6. I might have missed it, but do you have a capacitor in the loop?
  7. So is this taking place of the W-Body nationals?
  8. Welcome to the site! I live in Columbus as well, in Lincoln Village (far-west side). If you need a hand with anything, feel free to shoot me a PM.
  9. Perhaps it was poorly modified to meet european lighting specifications/requirements. Maybe RobertISaar can have a look at the wiring diagrams he has access to, and translate what may be happening. He's kind of a savant when it comes to wiring diagrams. And just about everything else electrical related.
  10. Welcome to the forum!! I think (though I could be wrong) that you can probably find parts on and have them shipped internationally. Being an Englishman, you should be all too familiar with two of the vehicles listed in my signature LOL
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