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  1. My 94 cutlass very had over 300000 when I sold it and my 91 vert has 132000 on it now
  2. Ya its turning out nice
  3. Got some pics to load
  4. I have updated photos but can't load them
  5. After thinking about it im just going to finsh this car up. and keep it for a while. Its almost there ,motor is going to be my biggest thing to do. Ive already got the interior almost done just need to sew up my front seats, put a top on it. And have a paint less dent guy fix a couple of small dents. After all I dont think I will find another rust free 91 convertible with the org. Paint and top on it here in michigan.
  6. So ive been into cutlass convertibles since 1995 ive had 2 92s a 93 and 2 94s and ive been working on a 91 for the last year. Ive added hud, dic, redone the back set fronts are being done now replaced the back window.repainted the windshield moldings and cleaned It uped pretty is a rust free car from ca. Never repainted just has some minor dents in it. Still needs a new top, center caps and a motor it runs but has a knock. Im torn because I love these cars but I found something else that I want. So should I finish this and keep it or let it go now and let some one else finish it.? What would you do,?
  7. Car is looking great! Did you have the wheels redone also? IM not feeling the black stripes in I would just put the stock strip back on if it was mine. The black just looks out of place.
  8. ripp

    parts galore junkyard

    No HUD in this one
  9. ripp

    parts galore junkyard

    They were no good on that car but I may have a few extras I will have to see what I have in my parts inventory.
  10. ripp

    parts galore junkyard

    A 1994 . Need parts?
  11. ripp

    parts galore junkyard

    No I did not get the rails I was (working) when I stipes in with out a lot of time no pics of the very had some good parts on it front seats where bad but the dash was like new. The body kit was good. The front may Yves it been a little messed up was part of the way off.
  12. ripp

    parts galore junkyard

    It was silver. Warren and Greenfield location
  13. I just love going to this pla:confused:ce . Parts are always so cheap today I got a mint center armrest, grille non power antenna ,key fob and some misc plastic parts for my 91 cutlass for 10.00. I also seen a gtp with the roof rails and rear spoiler there a triple white vert and a cutlass with the stx body kit
  14. I will post new photos when I get done with the front seats and door panels
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