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  1. Schurkey

    Oil leak

    That's unlikely to stand up to petroleum and petroleum fumes for long. Is the PCV valve still working OK? Where did you find heater hose that small?
  2. Schurkey

    Unusual Knock from my Cutlass

    3100 has a timing belt?
  3. Wild Guess: Delco/Delphi does not MAKE pumps any more. They buy them from Bosch--or some nameless, faceless Chinese factory. At least, that's what was going on in 2003 when my TrailBlazer was built. The factory-original pump was a Bosch, and I bought another just like it for a replacement. That pump has now got almost as many miles on it as the original, so I'm likely to be buying another in a year or so. The Delco pump in my pickup has been flawless since the day it was installed. Again, that pump is old enough to have "Made in USA" on the box.
  4. Schurkey

    Ignition switch replacement

    If you hear the starter engage, the switch is doing it's job. You have a starter problem, or a battery/wire harness problem. For the record, there's a huge difference between "won't crank" and "cranks, but won't start". You aren't clear about which is happening.
  5. The OEM pump on my Trailblazer was a Bosch. The replacement Bosch was Mexican, I think. I put a "Made In USA" AC pump into my pickup. I think they've outsourced to China now. If there's an option, I would absolutely avoid Chinese crap. Maybe that's not possible any more. The number-one cause of premature fuel pump failure is grit (rust, dirt) in the gas tank. Be sure to replace the fuel pump strainer, and be sure to clean out the tank before dropping the sending unit/pump assembly back into the hole.
  6. Schurkey

    3.4L DOHC Dies on the Highway

    '94 3.4 has a MAF??? My '92 and '93 are speed-density.
  7. Schurkey

    Dumb question?

    Torque socket? Do you mean Torx?
  8. Schurkey

    4T60E Shifting Issue: 95 Cutlass Supreme

    Sounds like 2nd gear has failed. Might be seals, might be hard-part failure.
  9. Schurkey

    3.4L DOHC Dies on the Highway

    There's dozens of OBD 1 scan tools, some new--some used. I have an ancient Snap-On MTG2500, similar to an MT2500. You'll need a software cartridge new enough for your vehicle (support for the '2500 ended in 2009, no software newer than that--but '94 should be stupid easy to find.) WHAT IS YOUR FUEL PRESSURE?
  10. I've been using an MTG2500, very similar to the MT2500 but with two-channel Graphing. At some point not long from now, I'll have to upgrade, but until then my Red Brick gets me by. Never heard of the GM-3 adapter. I've got the usual GM1 and GM2. I've had no luck on eBay, and Snap-On seems to have changed all the adapter part numbers--although a person could contact Snappy and ask if there's a crossover from GM3 to something currently available.
  11. Schurkey

    lim gaskets

    My 1/2 drive bottom-of-scale is 50 ft/lbs. (50--250 range) I have a 3/8 with 20 at bottom-of-scale. (20--100 range)
  12. Schurkey

    OBD-1- 33 Code: Map Sensor or Higher Circuit

    What is the fuel pressure? What is the cranking compression? Do you still have spark at the spark plug end of the plug wire?
  13. Schurkey

    01 Monte Carlo Headlights stuck on

    "Stuck on"? The ignition key is in your pocket, you've been in the house for fifteen minutes, and the lights are still on? NOT a matter of DDRL? Damned Daytime Running Lights, where GM has the arrogance to insist the headlights be lit in broad daylight whenever the engine is running, and pretend that this is a "safety feature" even though there's ZERO actual proof such as peer-reviewed "scientific studies"? NOT a matter of "convenience lighting" where the lights stay on for a short time after the engine is shut-down, so you can see to get into the house at night? The timer is typically adjustable from under a minute to maybe three minutes or somesuch. I'd guess you either have a defective light switch, or a relay with partially-burned (welded-together) contacts that don't open like they should. There could be other causes, but I think those would be the two most-likely.
  14. I'm pretty sure that the type of magazine to do articles on the W-body would mostly be car-enthusiast magazines. There might be some local magazines from the cities or counties that had a GM assembly plant. Maybe business magazines discussing GMs investment and expected rate-of-return, or amortizing the tooling or somesuch. But the main type of magazine will be the ones focusing on selling copies to gearheads.
  15. Schurkey

    94 CS AC Questions

    What are the gauge pressures when you force the compressor to run? That's how you'd know if the system is still too low on refrigerant to run normally.